Mattress Firmstore manager cherry rd. rock hill, sc. chris bryant

Sirs: Your manger at this store list Mattress firm on his personal face book profile with your logo and states he is the store manager there. He has taken store pictures, and asked customers to come in for sales consistently as a spokes person for Mattress Firm.

However on the same page he clearly states his political, gun beliefs, etc which are subjectional and obviously some (including me, disagree with his statements.). If I were in your shoes, I would not want him representing my company in this manner.

Are we to believe Mattress Firm is in the political arena???

My daughter just bought a 1800 King Serta IComfort in your Charlotte store last month and I was planning on buying a Beauty Rest Black. At this point I have blocked this manager from my face book page because of his controversial statements and will search the market for Beauty Rest Black.

Nov 22, 2018

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