Mattress Firmselling product not fit for use

Not fit for even a 40lb child
I purchased the twin mattress 2 weeks ago from a Mattress Firm near my home. It was for the top bunk for my 5 year old daughter. When I was in the store, I looked at the mattress and felt that it would be sufficient for my 5 year old that weighs 40 lbs. Since she started using it, she has been complaining that she could feel the coils when she sleeps on it. I tried to return today and they told me for my $89 mattress, they would charge a $79 cleaning fee! I did not read my sales contract but the return policy seems to not be a true return if they will only give me back 11% of my purchase price! That is not a "money back guarantee". Also, the $79 represents a cleaning fee! Yuck! They are actually selling me a used mattress from other returns? Also, I asked about upgrading the mattress to a pillowtop. I asked it they could price match since that is their policy to match any advertised price. The salesperson said no! They could discount their price, but could not match. They post that they have a price match guarantee. Don't buy from Mattress Firm. The location that I purchased from is at 12602 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX [protected]. I researched on purchasing mattresses online but wanted to keep my business local. It was a mistake!

Jan 21, 2017

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