Mattress Firmmattresses and vibration system

On 4//1/13 we purchased a split King with the vibrating adjustable box and frame from Mattress Firm. Total Price: $11, 286.88... For about 8 months, all was fine. Then I called and complained there was a problem. After 5-6 months of sleeping on a extremely lumpy bed I called many more times and was told me I couldn't get my money back but they would exchange my mattress. I informed Mattress Firm's Claim Department it was a manufacturers defect, as the layers of foam had come apart and had large rolls of bumps protruding up to 5 inches high.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cape Coral, FLOn 11/24/15 (19 months) after many pictures were sent they admitted there obviously was a problem and that I could have my mattress's exchanged for a new mattress. There are 2 XL Twin beds that make up the King size so independently they can adjust the rising of the head or feet. Now after 17 months the bed is not holding up and sagging in spots so I roll into a hole and can't get out except with great difficulty. I called the Warranty department again and they said since they helped me once, they won't help me again. I was told there was a 20 year warranty on this bed when it was purchased. I have had nothing but problems with this whole transaction. I will never recommend anyone to buy from this company unless I get satisfaction.
I have receipts and copies of receipts, photo's and all documentation.
Ted Harty

May 19, 2017

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