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Mattress Firm / used my personal information to enroll me in a visa

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Both my wife and I were both sent VISA cards through Mattress Firm in Oklahoma City and Wells Fargo Financial - not solicited to accept the cards - but sent the cards and registered using our personal information from the sale with no disclosure by us and now it shows on our credit - we called and they had no comment locally - called company representatives Fred Weaver and Matt Forbes and no response and no return call.


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D  19th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I assume you applied for a credit application. Well if you did, then you missed the form that you check that states that you would not like to receive the card. All you did was open up a line of credit. Wells fargo sends you are card to make it easier to make purchases (use that account).
A  11th of Aug, 2007 by 
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I saw this and wanted to let you know the same thing, if you financed anything through Matress Firm that is their Bank they use and like stated above if you did not tell them you didn't want a card they send it anyway. Once you have paid off your account you can close it just like any credit card.
A  7th of Oct, 2007 by 
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The entire mattress industry is a scam. I rate matress sales people below used car dealers and ambulance chasing lawyers. Fact is that the factories are in cahoots with these retailers by delivering their products with different names to each dealer, thus eliminating the possibility of comparison shopping.

The whole industry is a joke. I just purchaed a "memory" foam mattress from Matress Pro in San Antonio. Their "sale"price was $999 - "regular" price was $1,599. What a joke. I got athe damn thing today and it was simply a roll of foam made in China. I asked athe delivery guy "where is the mattress" he said its "here" over my shoulder - it looked like a camping bedroll. He rolled it out and said it would take a couple of hours to "expand".

It smells like a chemial factory. It's not cut to exact queen size so it overlaps the $115 platform I purchased as well. To add bad to worse after the delivery guys left I saw that they left behind the installation instructions. The instructions indicated that this piece of crap was imported by Pier One Imports who sell it for $799 retail. Pier One usually offers coupon discounts. I'm sure that Matress Pro paid about $100 for this piece of smelly foam from China.

Now I understand that Matress Firm is buying Matress Pro so there is no competition in the market. Boy am I am in the wrong business! My recommendation is to not bother with these scam artist and go to Costco.


Pissed Off
N  4th of Jan, 2008 by 
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NOTE: After having posted this comment, I got a angry reply from "TILA" Obviously is some young chick who works at a matress retailer that has no clue. Anyway I had a chuckle when I received this email which follows:
I had a couple of things to say to you, and if at any point I sound rude..sorry about that. I want to know first what it is that you your self do for a living? I happen to be one of those scam artists you are speaking about and first of all if you have never been in this line of business then you have no business to talk that way about it, also you probably don't know how the world of retail works. Pier One in my state anyway does not and have never used coupons! I just needed to vent a little! Oh and just to let you know when you buy a mattress from Costco well a foam mattress it takes about 41/2 hours to expand!

NOTE: OK Tila, maybe my comment about a "couple of hours" was off by "a couple of hours". It's like when when my friend called me about a sale on King Crab claws at the local store. He inquired and saw that they were from the "Russian side" of the Bering Straight so he didn't buy them. How did the crabs know that they were not on the US side of the ocean or the US side?

Tila is a sorry young victim of a ruthless employer who hires these people and pumps them up everyday at sales meetings to sell this crap to consumers. My advise to Tila is to go back to school and learn a trade that is actually useful to people. You'll figer this out in time.
N  10th of Jan, 2008 by 
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No Worries. Its people like you that we don't want in our stores anyway. 98% of us choose to sell on the customers' needs first. Given the fact that we offer a trial period, and we are selling you something that you are spending a 3rd of your life on; why would we try to scam you? Huh? Seems as if it wouldn't be such a popular business if all of our inventory came back to us, and we received no referrals. I am terribly sorry you had a bad experience. I can only hope someone can change your expectations someday.
D  10th of Feb, 2009 by 
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just received our king size, and twin size matresses. I know problem at the store. The beat the prices Jcpennys quoted me on "sale" my 500 dollars! Delivery service cannot be beat!! Clear down to wearing their carpet protectors, very polite. Very careful not to damage walls during the installation process! As far as the credit thing goes I would not know I paid CASH for my stuff. You know what the say money talks AND B.S walks The COMPLAINERS!!Some people just have to complain about everything it is in their personality . So when read the other comments please consider the source! Indianapolis, Indiana
N  21st of Mar, 2009 by 
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Let me first tell you that I am highly offended by your ignorant statements in regards to Mattress salespeople. I am a well-educated individual who happens to be an Area Manager at the largest mattress retailer in the USA and I am VERY PROUD to work here. This company stands for integrity! We are not a "joke" or a "scam". We are not in "cahoots" with any manufacturers. It's called marketing! Even though Mattress Firm did buy Mattress Pro, there still is a lot of competition out there. Let me educate you on a few of the competitor's...Mattress Giant, Star Furniture, Gallery Furniture, Mattress Expo, Bubba's Beds, RoomStore, Rooms to Go, Costco, Sam's Club, Mattresses for Less, etc. Yes, of course there is mark-up on these products. How else would we make any money?? That's pure stupidity!! I love my job because I "change people's lives". You spend 1/3 of your life on a mattress! It's the most important piece of furniture you can buy. Warren, please, GO TO COSTCO! I sure don't want you as one of my customer's anyway!

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