Kingsport, TN, United States

I met a man Douglas Jay Hanneken from 703 Judith Dr. Johnson City, TN through match. He uses your site as free advertisement to spread his gift of herpes, bipolar, sociopathic, and borderline personality disorder abilities. I'm not sure why you allow this. He has actively infected numerous people with his sexually transmitted infection. To the extent that lawsuits are being filed, so that charges can be pressed. He is dominating, intimidating, and manipulating. Just to name a few. He have a fourteen year old daughter. He doesn't have a relationship with. I had to hire a private investigator to get all this information. One girlfriend had to sleep in her garage one night when he went into a bipolar rage, just to be safe. He is mentally unstable. It turns it around on women. You allow him to pick these women up through your website free of charge. Are we going to have to file suit against you as well? He has about forty email addresses. So prepare yourself.

Jun 23, 2017

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