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United Arab Emirates

I was charged 70 DHS in January 2016 by a hotel i stayed in for the holidays. Normally you are requested to drop your credit card information in case there's been any damages to hotel property or incurred any charges after you have left the hotel. I used my Mashreq Credit Card for this and it has been my biggest regret.
1. When 70 DHS was deducted i was not notified in any form (Not text, not email and not by statements they claimed to have posted)
2. Month of February came and passed still no notifications of any sort. and that continues for March as well.
3. In April, Collections team from the bank calls and say i have to make only 155 DHS payment. Even after i asked him clearly "is this all i am to pay to clear my debt as I have also noticed that the bank has cancelled my card". He replied "Yes".
4. I finally get a statement in June saying I was to pay 509.3 DHS not 155 DHS. I called to ask if this was a mistake but anytime i call it says "you no longer have any account with this bank" and then it continues to take me round in circles when all i want to do is speak with bank representative. After a very long time i am finally connected to a collections person who very rudely says i should pay the money and that because my card has been cancelled i can't be charged again. In other words i can pay up this 509.3 DHS whenever i want to.
5. Unhappily i agree to pay this amount.
6. On July 12th comes a MIRACLE apparently Mashreq sent me not just my first e-statement but also my first text message notification telling me of new amount i owe the bank which is now 782.92 DHS.
7. Now i beg you to remember that this all started from 70 DHS.
8. Other banks take late fee charges none as much as 395 DHS for a normal card with little to no privileges.

I am sure in response you will find some small statement that says that it is in the bank's discretion "blah, blah blah" but all i can ask is:

Is this fair? lets even imagine that I couldn't pay 70 DHS would I now be able to pay 782.92 DHS after a few months? so if God forbid i had lost my life after a few years Mashreq bank would come meet my kids or grand kids and claim something like 1 million DHS right? Because this is all humanly fair and right? and don't quote me any legal tiny scribbles and policies hidden behind some document somewhere. If they are obliged to cancel the card after a month or 2 they should also be obliged to stop charging late repayment after a few months.
All this is called taking money you didn't work for I judge only their consciences. I can't show you text messages, emails any other sort of correspondence because i don't have any from Mashreq bank except the one time they sent requesting i pay 782.92 DHS.

All this is modern thievery. And then we ask where all the wickedness in the world came from? i say Mashreq frauds!

Jul 24, 2016

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