Mashreq Bank / salary issue.

Dubai, United States

I opened new account with masherq after i spend 48 hours waiting their call because they don't want to tell me what papers are required. i got the Iban and i requested The HR to transfer my salary to this Iban. they transferred to my account 22 of august and up to know 17-Sep-2017 all mashreq team don't know why my money didn't hit the account yet, knowing that they (the Bank) sent me a swift copy mentioning that they received it August 22nd !!!.
No body is calling me to tell me what is the issue one time they told me that there's a missing paper so i asked to know what i can provide for them but they don't know,
even the Moroccan lady named Elham (working now in al qooz Branch ) is the one who opened my account for me, she's not answering me anymore while the call center asking me to speak to her !!!.
this is so bad- actually when i see all this complain here and no body replied that shows how much they are not professional.

Sep 17, 2017

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