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I have been trying to cancel my credit card for more than 2 weeks. Everytime I phone or email they respond to me that they will contact me in 2 days. I have been phoning them everyday and the same story. I will be leaving Qatar, And because of their bad service I will be blocked from leaving this country unless my account has been closed. I cant close my account if my credit card is not cancelled. And they fail to respond. Ive had so many complaints about this bank. First the Lady forgot to hand in my bank loan papers and after waiting 4 months I finally received it and paid it off in less than 6 months. I requested for a NOC to show that my bank loan has been paid off, Still I am Waiting 2 months later. Due to them I will be treated as a criminal at the airport, And my company will not be able to pay out my Graduity. Ive sent emails to their higher management, customer care and no action, only repond that they will contact me in 2 days. But its never happening. Worst bank that I have delt with ever. Should rather have joint Commercial bank or something else.

Apr 02, 2015
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  • An
      Aug 29, 2017

    Worst bank ever

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  • Jo
      Oct 16, 2019

    @Anouar Errafi Useless customer service, they dont listen, they dont understand English all the can say I apologise and we are trying. I have now been on the phone for 55minutes trying to get some help and whole exercise was a waste of time. Banking in the UAE is hopeless, they employ semi literate people who are too unsophisticated to use the technology. Until they pay decent salaries to attract educated, professional people with how to use a telephone to start with it will continue to have the worst customer service in the world. The technology is too sophisticated for the employees. So sick of appalling customer service in this country.

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  • Jm
      Jan 21, 2018

    I would 100% agree that the Mashreq bank is the most worst bank ever because of the employees that are working with this bank. Staffs are the one who gives a bad reputation to the name of the bank. They have poor services and bad/impolite employees (specially in collection department). Trust me, once you open an account to this bank, your life will became hell and miserable. For further information's kindly google the reviews and you will be shocked from the negative comments and/or complaints from the people who had a bad experienced from this bank including me.

    First, they will give you promising offer and but once you are in..they will give your life a hard time until your career will be a disaster. This is a lesson learned for me. Remember to investigate first before you proceed to your plans.

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  • Ra
      Jan 30, 2018

    I am ongoing thru such experience from last one week.

    The worst bank i ever seen in my life

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