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i would like to go mashreq mank cradit card full and final settelment for my visa and master credit cards and i have current account in mashreq bank allso my master credit card no: [protected], my visa card no:[protected], my current account no:[protected]-20059;yasin mohammed nasir;now i am in india whom i want to contact with the persone please reply me as soon as possible u rs faithfully
mohammed yasin
mobile no1:0091-[protected]
mobile no 2:0091-[protected]

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  • Ab
      Aug 19, 2010

    my nameis abdul jabbar keekan my mashreq bank visa credit card no-[protected] iam working in dubai now iam in india came for vaction my home in india before i came i settled my all payment i pay more 10dh why you charged me extra charges this not well i cannot pay extra charges please contact my brother he is in dubai his name is sheik malik his mob no [protected] please cancel the charges my mobile no is in india [protected]

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  • Mr
      Feb 11, 2011

    Hi My name is Mohammad, I have been in Dubai for around 2 years. Unfortunately I have lost my job around 2 years back and was not able to repay my credit card dues. I was trying to call Customer service agent so many times but they didn't responded back to me. I am ready to pay my full payments for credit cards but I want some one to contact me as soon as possible. Currently I am in Jordan and can't come back to Dubai cause of my tough job. Customer service is very bad for bank meshraq and I don't want to continue with this bank so I want to pay my full credit card dues and cancel my credit cards immediately. Please some one from Bank meshreq contact me on my email which is [protected]

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  • Ma
      Aug 09, 2011

    I'am Madylyn Lipar Reyes i have been in dubai around 2 in a half years ago and go back here in the philippines because i lost my job there in dubai now i have debt in mashreq before i left dubai is dhs3000, when i call mashreq last march 2011 the interest & balance is almost dhs 11000 dhs i want to settle my debt by terms because i want to go back there in dubai and work again but how can i come back if i'am blocklisted already and may be police will capture me in the airport, pls. someboday help me regarding my debt so i can pay it first because i'am planning to go back on march 2012 pls i will leave my email add ([protected] pls. i will wait for your response so i can go back there in dubai i'm begging...

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  • Ar
      Nov 07, 2012

    To mashreq bank,

    I'am Arnel de leon' I want to settle my credit in mashreq bank by monthly bases because I don't have good income for now. the problem I don't no how I pay. this is my visa card number [protected]. please send me the details how I settle of this and my credit balance.. my email add; [protected]

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  • Ma
      Feb 27, 2013

    To masreq bank
    I am marisamy 4 year before working in dubai as a labour, economic cris time, i will lose my job, again i not able get job to dubai, iam working as a labour in india chennai, so i want to settle my balance amount around 1500 dhs . with out interest i want to settle my account pls help me .send details to my mail ; [protected]

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  • Ta
      Sep 09, 2014

    I did not pay my interest and required amount which I sign before getting credit card. I have a huge family problem and my company did not update my salary up to three months at that time that's why I am dripping into the loan and after I do not have enough money to pay all the debts. Now my company cancelled me and i am searching the job but i do not have enough time to stay here. So I want to pay minimum amount through the recovery process within the week and make clearance for further coming in UAE. Please help and response shortly because I do not know how to go with the process. Thank you

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  • Do
      Mar 13, 2015

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