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Maruti Udyog Limited / Maruti Swift VDI (Diesel) / delay in delivery

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A copy of email to Maruti Udyog Limited:

Dear Mr. Khattar,

It is with extreme disappointment and distress that I write to you, but I have been left with no choice. I booked a Maruti Swift VDi on February 1st 2007. The booking was made through Atul Motors Pvt. Ltd. (Plot No.2, Rajkot Highway Road, Opp. Madhvani College, Porbandar / Phone: +[protected]). At the time of booking, I was told that the approximate wait time will be four weeks.

After the initial estimated date had passed (1 March 2007, 4 weeks), I called the dealer and was duly informed that there are more delays due to 'dispatch issues at Maruti'. I was then told that car would be delivered on 5th March. Later this was modified to either 10th of March or 17th of March. I have now been told (only after I called) that I will not be receiving it till 23rd of March. Further, no commitment has been made on when I will receive it. It is ironic that a car with a waiting period of over 8 weeks is called Swift!

What makes the delay all the more disappointing is the level of service (or the lack thereof), during this period. At no point, not even once, has anyone from the dealer to Maruti called me to inform me of the delay or explain plausible reasons for the delay. Every single time, I have had to call and find out about the delivery update (if any).

Someone known to me booked the SAME car (Swift), SAME model (VDi), from the SAME dealer (Atul Motors Pvt. Ltd., Porbandar) on the date later than my date of booking (February 1, 2007). Only the colour is different (He booked a Silver one and I have opted for Ozone Blue). He has received delivery of the car before three weeks. While I agree that is reasonable to have some variation depending on the color, the extent of this variance cannot be significant. Even at this point, neither the dealer nor the Maruti is able to tell me a date by which I can expect the car. Not receiving the car is bad enough, but it is completely ridiculous if I can't be told when I will receive the car, after two months of waiting. When I contacted the dealer, I was told that they have no information from Maruti about this. The dealer has forced me to speak directly to Maruti, and hence this email.

Another important fact is that the dealer has received the full advance payment from my side (Rs.25000) on the date of booking (February 1st, 2007).

After almost two months of waiting, with no sign of the car or even a firm date by which I will receive it - is this the treatment one expects from 'India's leading car manufacturer'? This can hardly be described as 'just-in-time' supply chain management, which other Japanese car manufacturers are known for.

Your website claims that your vision is 'creating customer delight' - I can assure you that this customer is far from delighted.

I realize that my situation may not be unique, but I find this level of service completely unacceptable. The least I expect is to be regularly informed and compensated adequately for the delay. Delivery delays are compensated regularly with most reputed automobile manufacturers in the country and I would expect the same from Maruti. Please let me know if Maruti Udyog Limited finds this request unreasonable.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this.

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  • Di
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    I fully agree. I made a booking for the same Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI on Feb 1st 2007 and was told of a wait period of 4-5 weeks. This is from Naidu Motors in Secunderabad. The booking was made for me by my company NCR Corporation and after full check encasement for the on-road price.. I am yet to get delivery of the car. I am quoted a wait period of 16 weeks from the date of booking. Everytime I call , i am told that Maruti Udyog is slow in dispatching vehicles resulting in the delay.

    I dont know if someone is reading this who can do something about it but this has been the most frustrating wait more so when my EMI's on the car are being paid since March 2007.

    -- Dinesh

  • Ch
      25th of May, 2007
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    I have also booked Maruti vxi (ABS) 04/05/07 but received no response from the dealer Auto Hitech (Kolkata) till date. I do not understand what s the problem. Is it with the dealers or Maruti itself. Its really a disgrace that such a leading car manufacturing company of India and partner of Suzuki is taking so much time to deliver the required vehicles. I think I should forget my booking money and buy Hyundai Getz.

  • Ad
      17th of Sep, 2007
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    i've gone through your letter. I want to highlight that the dealer had taken an advantage of your choice for a Maruti swift vdi. i was quite lucky that the dealer at Hyderabad said that the wait time for a diesel version is from 3-5 months.
    Coming to the booking amount, one can cancel & get the full refund at any given time.


  • Ni
      28th of Dec, 2007
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    Hi There!
    Am yet another Prey Of this Delayed Purchase Of Maruti WAGON R LXI @ the ABT Showroom in Guindy. I have given first advance on 17th Dec and that guy assured me the delivery of the car today, 28th Dec 2007. I have made the total payment towards the car.And this morning, I was informed saying that my car is in transit and will be delivered to me only by 3rd Jan 2008.And this evening when I went in person to enquire the status, he has informed that the car would be delivered on 10th Jan 2008. The date is still open! God be with us!

  • Aj
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    I would like to buy swifty after reading all this i booked Getz prime... thank you for the informations.

  • Ra
      2nd of May, 2008
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    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I am Ramnik Singh Kang from Pehowa Haryana. Sir/ Madam I purchase my new MARUTI ALTO car from your authorised dealer in kaithal in Haryana. This car is on my Brother-in-law’s name Kawaljeet Singh, My car Reg. No. is – HR 99 AW TP –7875. My purchasing Date is 18 Feb 2008. Sir, now I have Job in punjab in Nawanshehr .
    Some days ago my car’s A.C cut off the cooling system, I check my car from the dealer at Nawanshehr, he dignosed the problem. The service manager is very nice man; he told me ur A.C Compressor oil is leak from the back plate of the A.C.
    My cars A.C Compressor is manufactured by the SANDOM Company.
    When he make the contact with the company nobody give us satisfaction . I personaly called to..
    Mr. Yadav D.G.M his Mob No. is 093134-60031
    Mr. Sanjeev Kumar his Mob. No. is 93134-60026
    Mr. Som Nath Lamba his Mob. No. is 098684-83376

    Esteemed, please Help me I feel very helpless because no body give me proper response. Dear, I purchase new car I have warranty as well as extended warranty also.
    Yurs Truly,

    Ramnik Singh Kang
    Ward No. 10 Guru Nank Nagar,
    M. No. 94636-08354 / 94636-77681

  • Dr
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    SUBJECT: Unsatisfied with the swift LDI Maruthi CAR Booking Service.

    CAR Booked: SWIFT-LDI (Bright red color)

    Date of booking: 18-7-2008

    CAR booked in the name: Dr. Davis

    SHOP name from which the CAR was Booked: [SITARAM MOTORS, THRISSUR, TUDA Road, Peringavu, Thrissur-22]

    Ph: 0487-2325020, 2325040

    Receipt No : [19330]

    Amount Payed in Advance to SITARAM's MOTORs:[50000-]

    Respected sir,
    I am Dr. Davis Moyalan. My son's engagement is on 30th September 2008. For the same purpose I booked the car on July 18th 2008.VIJU, the sales person from SITARAM's MOTORs, Promised to issue the CAR within 2 to 2.5 months. Recently I talked with the sales person, mr. VIJU and he is now not sure whether he can issue the car by the end of 30th september 2008 . So If this is the case, We are forced to cancel the order. We cannot tolerate such faults.
    So Please do the necessary to issue the CAR by end of 29 September. Please reply me as soon as possible.

    Dr. Davis Moyalan,
    Moyalan House,
    North Chalakudy,
    Trichur District,
    Kerala, Pincode-680307.
    Ph: 0480-2702855

  • Ni
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    I too agree with the argument as i booked a Maruti Swift VDi in Hyderabad on 3rd of July 2008 i have been said that it would take for about 2 to 2 1/2 months .. I accepted.. after 2 1/2 months i made complete payment as i trusted those guys that they would be delivering the vehicle on time .. but it took more than 3 months now & the person who is responsible to answer me doesnt pick up the phone & doesnt reply me back .. even though i call the showroom they avoid by saying 'call the person regarding the bookings'. And when i try to approach somebody in the showroom they offer me to pay extra amount of 20, 000 to 25, 000 to make the delivery immediately.. That means they arn't hving any problem with the bookings but they are wantedly postponing it & making money out of it..

    This is really disgusting i really didnt expect this from a India's leading manufacturer (Maruti)..


  • De
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Sir, I am completely agree by the above comments .Some dealer are charging 20, 000 to 25, 000 Rs as black money, and provide the car must take a necessary action, and aware of that fact.


  • An
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    I am equally disppaointed seeing the wait period for Swift as I was intending to buy the new car. Regards.

  • Ml
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    Dear khatter sir,
    i am a former employee of your indore dealer rukmani motors Pvt. Ltd.
    I left the job because i am indisposed since last month my rutine cheque up to inform doctor that cancer problem, this problem i left rukmani motors
    My branch manager didn't pay my salary since two and half month and my sattelment amount reached approximately forty five thosand but my dealer have not show any interest to pay my salary.
    My salary paid as basic+other convences+mobile expenses.
    Before left this job i worked in Patel motors Pvt. Ltd.Indore as finane manager.sir i request that u inlove this metter n force to dealer pay my sallery, sir i need hard money for my treatment for my health.
    So i kindely requested you to according to company rules and regulation please talk to my dealer and force him to paid me as soon as possibal.

    Your faithfully
    madan lal saini,
    913/9 nanda nagar
    indore 09301558629(m)

  • Su
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    i booked Vdi white in wheeler road mondovi showroom in bangalore on 12/8/8 m yet to get my car pls chek n let m e know its nice if some higher up calls cos the lower level stinks



  • Vi
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    Just found out that I am not the only one facing this problem.
    I have booked Swift Vdi White car on 17th Feb 2009 and I was told that I will be getting my car in a week. I booked it from Acer Motors in Tirumalgiri, Secunderabad. Today is 12th March and I am still waiting for my car to be delivered. The most frustrating part of this is I am never informed of the date when it can be delivered. I am not sure whom to be blamed. Dealer or the company. I have to pay interest on my loan amount from 26th Feb, because that is the date when the loan amount was released. So, I am paying for something that I am not using. Dealer has never called us to provide an update and everytime we call them, they continue saying it will be available next week. I feel completely cheated with this crystal clear lies and very disappointed that I am not able to do anything about it. I finally decided to wait for 1 more week and then cancel my booking. Hope this helps somebody who is trying to shop for Swift.

  • Ma
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    Hello to all prospective swift VDI owners,

    My agony is no different, I had booked swift VDI from AUDI Motors Sriganagnagar in last week of Jan 2009, and it is Mid April, Presto no sign of delivery. Upon my applying extra pressure the dealer is offering me a vehicle in a different color (white) than that of my choice(silver). And even now I have been asked to be patient and wait for 10-12 days.

    Some of the ususal standard excuses offered as and when one tries to contact the dealer are :-

    (a). There is general shortage of this model/colour

    (b). Maruti is not supplying the veh due to transport problem.

    (c). We will speak to Maruti and get your car in the next lot.

    (d). Oh yes! we are getting your job done, we will call you back in a day or two (sadly that day or two has never materialised).

    (e). It will take approx a week / ten days. ( many such week / ten days have come & gone).

    (f). THE BEST ONE YET." Why are you going in for the diesel version it is no good, had you opted for petrol the delivery would have materialised and you would have got a superior car too. However, now that you have made the choice of VDI varient, ...well bear the consequences".

    Well if any more of you are out there with the similar situation at hand, and have some worthwhile solution, pls do share for benifit of all


  • Ha
      22nd of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I completely agree with all the complaints. I feel ashamed to call my self an Indian.. the delears are liers and the company itslef is a big lie.. they just took Indian customer for granted.. these ### should be made to stand in a queue and shoot all of them at once. Looks like corruption is in there blood, if there was really a probelm, they should not take any bookings. How is the company and the delaers are able to deliver the cars for the ppl who pay black money( on top of the net price qouted). I know there is no one to hear us and NO action will be taken, but I am sure some day these ###ers will loose all the business and foreign companies will take over. I want to see all these Maruti ###ers beg on streets.. might take some time but the day is not too far away. ppl are not ignorant on facts these days and they know how they are being treated ..afterall we are paying damn it..

  • As
      24th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    M/s. Maruti Suzuki


    I have booked Swift Vdi on Date : 25.08.09, from Krish Automotors (P) Ltd., Recipt Number - 3138, for Rs. 10, 000.00. That time they told me that I will be getting the delivery after 1 month or Maximum of 50 days, but as today its been around 2 months, and when I contacted them for the delivery, they told me that it will take around 45 days more.

    They also said that if I want the delivery then I have to pay the whole amount ( Rs. 5, 50, 000.00) now, and I will get the Car after 20 days, when asked to dealer he is blaming the company for the delay. and if he is right i must say the company is not professional and they should stop writing COUNT ON US.

    And now, I don't want get myself into this problem, but I also Need the car as soon as possible.
    Once they also asked for the Premium amount of Rs. 15000 for quick delivery of the car, which is also known as Black Selling.

    Kindly help me regarding this, and take a suitable action for this, as I wanted to gift this car to my sister on 9th November, 09 which is approaching really fast.

    Whenever I go on that showroom, they gives excuses, and say that the executive whom you dealt with has left, or he is on leave, and I don't get any result of going there.

    Please Help me regarding this.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Ashish Goel

    Balaji Freight Carriers Pvt. Ltd.

    ( A n I S O 9 0 0 1 : 2 0 0 0 C e r t i f i e d C o m p a n y )
    BG - 354, Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, Delhi - 110 042 ( India )
    T +91 11 27832483 | T +91 11 27831993 | F +91 11 27833252
    M +91 11 9810116638 | M +91 11 9312213277
    E - |

    visit us at

  • Wa
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    Dear Sir,

    1. I am serving INDIAN ARMY SOLDIER and have been safe guarding national borders for last 25 years so distinguishly.

    2. I am true fiancee of Maruti Dzire car and would like to buy one (Model Maruti Suzuki Dzire VDI (Diesel)) through CSD Canteen

    3. I have visited TARA AUTOMOBILES several times and also met Mr Gurvinder Mann, the ASM for booking the same. But, to my utter shocking and panic experience he expressed his inabilities to book the car advancing the reasons like the booking of this sigma car is suspended by the MARUTI UDYOG for unspecified time, the delivery of this car will take lot of time tunning to six month or year or may be more, and i will have to deposit Rs 50, 000/- towards the booking amount.
    4. In view of the above you are requested to indulge yourself into the matter and intimate me all the details related to the car, ie its exact CSD cost, approximate waiting period, minimum booking amount etc.

    5. You are also requested to permit me to book the car with minimum booking amount (THROUGH ARMY CSD CANTEEN), as a VERY SPECIAL CASE, being army soldier.

    Thanking you in anticipation, Sir.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sanjay Wagh


  • Gu
      5th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am Gurpreet Singh Dhillon from Faridkot
    Maruti dealers are harassing the people very much. I belong to Faridkot (Punjab) and I want to purchase Maruti Alto Lxi. For that I have contacted Pankaj Motors (City Dealer) so many times but they are bluffing innocent people over there. They are not delivering the vehicles on time and also forcing people to get 35, 000 accessories with car. People are opposing but January, February are busy months due to marriages. So Pankaj Motors cheating the people and it is a bad sign for Maruti. Some educated people are also going for Chevrolet Spark and other same range cars. It is happing in Faridkot only and not anywhere else in Punjab and Chandigarh. So Maruti Suzuki should wake up and look into this issue.

  • De
      23rd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    just a line
    cusomers are [censor] in fornt of dealers and company.

  • Ra
      2nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    When the Cervo comes on read...

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