Marriott International / the way in which I was dealt with at renaissance manchester hotel

On Friday the 31st of March 2017, my husband made a booking from the 31st to the 5th of April at the Renaissance Manchester Hotel. This booking was done via Upon our arrival a half hour later at the hotel we were told by the Gentleman at reception ( seemed to be a manager of sort) that the booking had been cancelled due to it being a fraudulent booking. You can believe our shock and dismay as we had arrived at the hotel with luggage and 2 kids in tow. I understand that this was a fault of but what I have a problem with is the way we were treated with such disdain at the front desk . I beg the Pardon of Marriott International but I have never felt so insulted. The gentleman just told my husband that it was not his problem, he was too busy to assist us and that he is skeptical about us as well. We sat in the foyer for a time getting a hold of and only after he deemed us a hinderance in his foyer did he send over another (junior) staff to offer us an iPad to speed up the process. We tried to get bookings via the hotel for the night but there were no rooms available . I feel affronted that the man in question didn't have the courtesy to treat us as normal paying customers. He either judged us on appearance or the fact that the booking had been cancelled on a bogus fraud charge. Rather than try and assist he just dismissed us. We are from South Africa and both my husband and I are in the service industry ( I am a graduate and my husband holds a post grad)at Management level - so for us to be treated in that manner was really a shock ! I have travelled to Saudi Arabia, Istanbul, Dubai staying at 5 star establishments like the Jumeira group and have never come across such a poor reception. Incidentally I have made bookings at the Hotel Football as I have tickets for both forthcoming Manchester United matches (the reason for my stay in Manchester) - so contrary to what that Gentleman may have assumed I do have the funds to be a paying customer who will think twice now about booking at any of your establishments or recommending them .

Mar 31, 2017

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