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Clarksville TennesseeClarksville, United States

I worked at mapco on fort Campbell blvd (7514) . I worked there for approximately two months. They barely wanted to train me I was thrown on the register after a week. The coworkers were impatient as well as rude. I picked up another job because I couldn't afford to stay where I was with the hours I worked at mapco. Crystal informed me they could work with my schedule . I ended up doing a money order the wrong way and my draw came up 300 dollars short but I was only trained once on how to do it and my coworker told me what to do. The next day he threw me under the bus and everyone acted like I stole the 300 dollars. The next day I was supposed to come to work my name was scratched off so I figured I would contact crystal to see what was going on only to get a text stating she didn't know my schedule and she had to be to work at 4am. I figured she would text me the day to let me come into work she never responded. I came to work the next day only to learn I was labeled a no call no show. No one ever contacted me to let me know I was fired . I showed up thinking I had to work to learn someone took my shift. I texted crystal she never responded. Worse place to work at. They talk about any and everyone .

Feb 1, 2017

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