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Mapco / distract managers that aren't trained

1 Hixson, TN, United States

I am having trouble with how the DM at the Gadd store and Hamil Store runs them. There was one day I was in the Gadd store and the cashier on duty was slammed with customers. While she was taking care of the customers the coffee had ran out. I was going to give her a helping hand but didn't know where the coffee was. So I turned and asked this guy that was sitting at the table, if he could help me. (Which I was later informed him was the DM of the store.) I was surprised to see that he couldn't even make the coffee, he then called for the cashier to make the coffee as she was tending to customers, he told her if she could make the coffee then he would clear the line. the cashier did as he asked but by the time she got done the line only grew longer cause the DM couldn't figure out how to run the register. From what I have seen in most of your throughout the state's this is the first time I ever since that a DM couldn't do these things. Also, isn't Mapco suppose to be where team members help each other and know what they are doing, plus be a place where the store stays clean at all times, and everyone on duty know how to serve the customers? If so then I really think you need to check this DM out and also learn how to make they also know how to help the customers instead of sitting around and only doing paperwork. To me this DM should not be a DM but this is just my opinion.

Nov 15, 2016

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