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Hi there

On thursday morning at about 5:30am on the 11th december 2014, I went onto the mango website to book a flight for myself from cape town to johannesburg.
Upon doing so I booked all my details through to the payment waiting for confirmation. The system throws out an error message and I must try again. I tried to check if I could still wouldnt load the flights so I exited the page. I went to work then and booked a lfight with kulula for the same day.

During the course of the day I received an email from mango with a booking confirmation. Which when I opened it was for the flight that I tried to book that morning that gave me an error message. As soon as I got the email I called. I spoke to nolizwe and explained the story to her. She said they would send my query to their it department and I would get feedback in 48 hours. By monday I should be able to get feedback. Upon receiving feedback today 17th of december 2014, I am advised that there isnt any refund that can be done because according to it the confirmation was received so there was no error on their part. She said that they can give me a credit voucher less the cancellation fee. It will be valid for three months and if I have not found a flight in that time I can request for an extension.
I advised the consultant that I am not willing to accept this because he confirmation was received and that is why I called in the moment I received it. The it department only checked if the confirmation was received and they did not check for errors on their website. I asked to speak to a manager because I will not accept this and it was not a fault from my part. She said her manager was not available she would get her to call me back.

At 10:47am I get a call back from the consultant advising me that she has spoken to her manager and they are going to give me the voucher for the full amount without the cancellation fee being deducted and with an extension of one year. I advised I am not willing to accept this because I will not be flying for 3 months, 6 months or the next 3 years so I want my full refund back as this was not a fault of my own. I asked to speak to her manager. I spoke to her manager this morning who advised of the same. Again I explained the same and informed her that I have already booked a flight on the same day because there was an error on the website. I refuse to accept any thing less f she cannot help me I wanted to speak to the next manager higher. She said there is no manager higher than her and she has advised me of the solution. I explained I do not need a voucher I am in this situation because of their website and I need this to be sorted out if she cannot help me I will take this as high as I can. I also requested the report from it because they have not checked if their website has a fault the only thing they checked is if the confirmation was sent to me. It was received that is why I called in.

She then advised me to send an email explaining everything.
I want this matter and I want my refund for the full amount because this is a fault on your website. If it wasnt for your website I would not be in this situation. If this is not sorted out I will report this matter on every social network and take it up with the ombudsman as well.

Kind regard
Nikita naidoo

Dec 17, 2014
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  • Mo
      Mar 03, 2015

    The SAME thing happened to me in January and i am STILL struggeling to get my money back! What can one done??? How can one access Mango Management to complain?

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  • Mo
      Mar 03, 2015

    Did you correspond via e-mail or telephone? I want to speak to someone as no-one is responding to my e-mails!

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  • Da
      Mar 08, 2016

    I request that a refund be done for the amount that went through twice while paying for a ticket as the proof attached on the 28th of February when DV Sibanyoni was flying from OR Thambo to Durban. The amount is R405.72. Our banking details for the account follow: Algoacol PTY LTD, Account no: [protected], Checque account, Midrand branch.

    This has been emailed several times to different people and the delay is unpleasant as the fault was from your side. Please urgently refund the money.

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