Mango Airlines / FlyMangozero customer service

I was booked on a flight on Sunday 30 April to Cape Town at 7 PM. I arrived at the check-in counter at 18:15 PM and was told that the flight was finalized already and I could not get onto that flight. How could the flight have been finalized when my ticket was pre-booked and I have not checked in?????????? Boarding has not even taken place and they refused to check me in on that flight. I had to go to the ticket counter to get another flight and pay an additional R600 for a flight the following day only. I am a frequent flyer and it was the first time I have made use of Mango...what a disgrace!!! I will never make use of them again...not even if they should be the only airline with available seats.
Due to unforeseen circumstances I have been late for a few flights on other airlines, and never experienced anything like this.

I had to get to Cape Town the Sunday evening, but because Mango only care about people's money without providing customer service, I was forced to book a flight for the following morning. While trying to book the next flight, both the manager and stuff at the ticket counter were so unfriendly and miserable, I cancelled the flight and went elsewhere, where I got a flight for the same evening.

May 08, 2017

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