Mango Airlines / FlyMangowheelchair assistance denied

We flew back home from OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth yesterday on 7.05 flight.
We where in Australia and I broke my foot.
We where in transit from about 9pm Thursday evening (SA time) to 6am Saturdag.
I called Mango on Saturday twice to arrange wheelchair assistance and I was told that I can only do that monday to Friday or at the airport.
So Sunday morning before 5am we where at the airport and all was arranged and I was pushed to the waiting area.
Less than a hour before departure I was told I must either get to the plane by myself (but I can't walk) of pay to be put onto the next flight as they can only take 4 people with a wheelchair.
We live in Jeffrey's bay and had friends picking us up and they had another engagement at 11.30... so changing flights was not an option.
The only other was for me to hop on 1 leg all the way... they did bring me one crutch (this is how the supervisor try to help)... but I really struggled.
I had to hold on to the rails at security check.
Then up a ramp and then to the gate which was thankfully the second one on the top.
There I had to hop down 3 passages to the plane... half way down the second one I started crying... I was in so much pain and exhausted... finally at the end of the second passage the other travelers insisted that they take me down with a wheelchair...
I was in so much pain... is this the way Mango treats their passengers?
Is there no compassion or exceptions for valid cases like mine.

Nov 26, 2018

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