Mango Airlines / FlyMangounauthorized flight charges and no refund of the unauthorized debit to date.

I booked a flight with Mango, on line, on 21/09/2018 using my credit card. The transaction was successful and I received my booking reference (RFVHGK). Prior to this booking I was researching the cost of flights and used my Edgars Thank You Card to determine if I qualified for any discounts. Unfortunately the prices were not appealing, so I did not authorize any payment. At this point the sight went offline and I was unable to proceed with the booking and as such did not receive any email notification of the booking going through or a booking reference.

When the site did come up the next day, I managed to get the booking done using my credit card and received the booking details promptly. To my amazement, when I received my Edgars Statement at end September, I found that Mango had debited me to the value of R5469.49. I have been trying since September 2018 to date to get the refund done, with no avail. They constantly give me the same reply about it being an IT issue and never return calls. I have tried refunds and spoken to a woman called Chantal, who is totally uncooperative and totally unhelpful. I then contacted the Guest Services and spoke to a team leader called Shabnam, and have received also the same lack of service or urgency to resolve this matter.

Nov 27, 2018

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