Mango Airlines / FlyMango / pilfering from baggage

I flew from CT to OR on flight JE 154 on 06/06/18.
Bags were late at OR and I needed to drive 4hrs to my destination when I collected my bag I noticed my lock was at the bottom of the bag and not at the top.
At my destination I noticed that one of the zip rings was broken. I opened my bag to find a shambles inside cigarettes stolen and somebody elses after shave in my bag.
This is extremely concerning as I fortunately never had any other valuables in my bag but what happens next time.
Theft is unacceptable and this is a violation of my privacy. No I did not report at airport immediately as you could not notice it until closer inspection. I need to know what Mango and ACSA are going to do about this!

Mango Airlines / FlyMango

Jun 07, 2018

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