Mango Airlines / FlyMango / mango je361 to cape town international 3 hours delay


Good Morning

It is with disgust that I send you this email.
My dad (Mr Isaac Denzil John) is a regular Mango customer, He is going to be 80 in Dec'2017. He booked an early flight to Cape Town check in 6 pm at King Shaka last night and he finally got to Cape Town this morning at 1.30 am. By the way no fault of his, he was there early as he wanted to have supper with his family in Cape Town last night. He did receive an sms on the 18th October’2017 at 22.12pm advising him that there was a delay and that the flight will leave Durban at 20.55 pm with check in closing at 20.15pm and after that no further communication until he boarded at 23.30pm. I assume a follow up sms between Wednesday 22.12pm and Thursday 23.30pm would have been asking for too much and there was no need to update passengers cos they at your mercy and need to get to their destination.

Its amazing that ONLY IN SA can you have a strike, with no backup plan and allow old people to sit around and wait for three hours (no food, or drinks) while you source a plane.
There was no concern for my Dad's safety at that ungodly hour, that if he was ok to sit around with no food or drink while he waits for you to get your act together or if he had even arrived safely at his destination.
Customer service at its best in SA!!!

But then again Mango is part of Saa right!!! so we are supposed to understand, that maybe some of the gupatas from India were in town visiting for their diwali. or maybe it’s just airport capture!!!. It’s amazing how we the public have to put up with poor service all the while you allowed to make no exceptions to delays due to traffic, or late arrival or luggage that is too late to be checked in. And with any problem the passenger experiences you make us pay up. By the way not even the usual useless voucher for compensation as an apology for the tardy flight this morning. Instead was told to have a good evening and probably be grateful that he finally arrived, don’t worry that you did pay for your flight to be inconvenienced.

My dad is due to fly back to Durban on Monday evening 19.35, Mango JE 364 23/10/2017. I need to know that he is not going to land on Tuesday morning while he waits for Mango or their striking or sourcing to get him home. What is YOUR back up plan. In future I am hoping you will try a little more communication to accommodate older people flying, to ease them and their relatives that have to adjust their plans to suit you.
I also think that you will agree with me at 80 years old, you too old for incompetent companies and people.

Hope to hear from you real soon

Oct 20, 2017

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