Mango Airlines (FlyMango)damaged luggage and lack of any response despite two emails

First email (3 Jan 2017)

I flew into Cape Town on 24 DEC 2016 on flight JE 369 with my family. One piece of my luggage was badly damaged with both handles broken.

I brought this to the attention at the baggage counter and was attended to by Sidwell. I received a passenger reference slip with no. 16426. Sidewall took photos of the damage.

I was advised that I would receive a call within 24 to 48 hours. To date I have yet to receive the courtesy of a call. It has been 10 days.

I find such poor service unacceptable and a very poor reflection on the airline support service. I was patient up until now anticipating that it is the festive season, however I verily believe that I have been more than patient and the lack of any response or even follow up leaves much to be desired.

I leave Cape Town tomorrow and am constrained with luggage that is damaged on this airline. I will have to consider what my remedies are and place on record that as an airline you have failed a passenger and have not even the professional decency to follow up.

My contact number is [protected] which I gave to Sidewall.

Second email (12 Jan 2017)
I refer to my email of 3 January 2016. U have once again demonstrated your attitude to addressing client queries for mess ups occasioned by your airline.

Jan 18, 2017

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