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South Africa
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Three weeks ago, the check in lady asked me how far along was I, when my answer was Actually I am just that fat, she smirked to her colleagues and the three of them laughed. I was with my mother at the time. No apology was given and this is unacceptable. I then complained on Twitter, got promised to be contacted, a week went past, I queried again. I was promised again. Two weeks past and I queried again only to be asked for the same information again, which was already part of the requested private messages. I have in total dealt with 4 of their social media customer care people, and not a single one has delivered.

Does Mango just hire people who don't do their jobs, make fun of their customers, and what right, ever, does your staff have to ask a woman if she is pregnant? If i was I would have checked the I AM PREGNANT BOX when i ordered the ticket. And being laughed at, was the cherry on the top.

Mango doesn't care or bother.

Feb 6, 2017

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