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Nkosikhona Sean Nkosi
41 Service Road
Pollack Park

16 January 2017
Dear Sir or Madam,
Letter of complaint due to bad service/ stolen goods
On Wednesday the 11 of January I booked a flight to Port Elizabeth from OR Tambo International Airport. Due to several unforeseen reasons I missed the flight and was instructed to go to collect my luggage that had already been checked-in. When I did this I was informed my luggage had been opened and I was asked to check if anything had been taken. I immediately noticed a watch had been taken. I then with your employee completed a form and was then given a slip and told I would be contacted shortly, within the hour.
This did not happen and I waited hoping you would manage to fulfil your promise, to- date I have received nothing! It is as though you expect me to simply accept what has happened and move on. What further escalated matters is that I then after purchasing another ticket to fly to Port Elizabeth received a call from Mango the Port Elizabeth branch and was told that a box had arrived and it belonged to me, this box was flown to PLZ without me or my other luggage. This box was initially in a different bag and so this means at least two of my bags were tampered with. To make matters worse the blue box was packed at the bottom of clothing and other items. Whoever decided to help him-self must have dug through all that was placed above looking perhaps for a specific item/s: my expensive pens and watch (in another bag). Upon arrival at the airport I was directed to the luggage section in PLZ airport and my luggage was weighed and about a kilogram has disappeared.
What is most concerning is how: my lock was broken, pen set was broken, watch was stolen with other items I am yet to discover weighing a kilogram, a stranger picking through my private luggage and lastly how nothing has been done. Surely you should have some camera footage at your luggage departments or could at least contact me and explain the progress you have made on the matter, if any. At this point it appears as though this is a norm at your airline and even when customers who have been loyal to you service like myself or any customer for that matter experiences such to you it is business as usual.
I have attached the initial flight ticket below and had purchased insurance on the flight and am strongly considering opening a case as I fear this email will likewise make it on top on a pile of letters no one takes seriously.

Nkosikhona Sean Nkosi


Jan 30, 2017

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