Mango Airline / bad service/racism

Johannesburg, South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 0724082084

On the 5th december 2014, I booked 2 tickets for myself and my daughter in law for the 1st february 2014 from johannesburg back to port elizabeth on the 10:05 flight. After catching the gau train we had more than an hour to check in. Due to the queue not moving for 15 minutes I asked a lady in mango uniform if someone could assist us as the line was not moving and we were flying to port elizabeth. To begin with she was very unhelpful and told me if we had not checked in online we must stand in the queue. That was no problem!! We waited and waited and having just 45 mins left we finally had a turn at the check in desk. We have never experienced such rudeness and such blatant racism, we were told the flight had been closed and she was saying uuummmhhh aaaahhhh, no I can't help you. What the hell!!! We paid for our flights and it is not our fault that you have ###, unprofessional, ignorant people working for mango. We then went upstairs where 2 pilots tried to assist us, then apologized for the ground staff. After this we ran to the mango desk to find out why we were not able to board. I don't believe for one minute that the gate had been closed for the flight at that stage, nor was it our fault. We had to then had to pay a further r1480.00 to fly in the afternoon, here too the lady was most rude. It's a case of your white and we can now treat you badly. Never ever will we fly mango again unless you compensate us for this shocking behaviour. I will further more tell every person in every way possible about your bad service, so we do expect you to come back to us. I am not an irresponsible child and do not treat other people of any colour without respect, and nor am I over the wall old either. What goes around comes around. You caused us a lot of stress as we live 4 hours from port elizabeth and as 2 women still had to drive that distance on our own at that time of the day. I am not holding my breath and actually thinking someone will respond to my letter, as I do believe your company policy is that you don't give a ###, cheryl emslie

Feb 2, 2015

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