Malaysian Airline / food poisoning


My partner and I think we had food poisoning after having the Breakfast on board the MH 131 before landing on the 21st April 2013 after landing we have to look for the toilet as fast as we could. Both of us feeling weird and I got nausea. I got diarrhea for two and a half day still not feeling well till now, Lucky my partner got diarrhea one day but off and on still have stomach ache. We did't have any food for one day after we both take the fruits on board the fruits keep repeat on him. We believe was the fruits because both of us took it, I did take the omelet and he didn't and he took the yogurt and I didn't . There was no cover on my fruits when it was pass to me by the stewardess . (the indian stewardess wasn't professional at all get annoy all the time and ague with the poor Asian steward who was helping her all the time, she keeping on ordering him to get her this and that just like in the coffee shop. My partner said the Asian steward was help the other Indian steward too, who speak very loud all the to the Indian passenger at the other end, he told him to speak English, what happen if he don't know how to speak English .)

I didn't have any solid food for two day

Apr 23, 2013

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