Malaysia Airlinesweb check in boarding pass not allowed thru authorised check in area

Hi, I wished to make a rude encounter with on your MAS duty supervisor Khairy Hafiz for his inexperience approached towards my inquiries regarding my web check in boarding pass which was rejected by the authorized personnel at the check in pass site. This Khairy got the guts to claimed that the fault is not his problem and he's offer no help and dare me to complaint about to the management. Worst, he ushered me off by rudely waving his hand signalling me to go away. The incident started when my son(I'm not the passenger) showed the counter check in staff( a white shirt guy) the Mas Web check in boarding pass and my son promptly proceed to the check in the pass and where the problem started. The authorized gate checking personnel (A tom boy) rudely rejected the Web check in boarding pass and told me to get an original boarding from the counter instead. Off I went to the check in counter again and inquired why a Web boarding pass is not recognized by the check in authority, he said it should be no problem, even a hand phone Boarding pass is allowed to go but anyway, I insist the original boarding pass be printed which he says the check in authorities didn't get the info that its is recognized or allowed. Anyway, I had to rush to the exiting check in area and promptly told the"tomboy" personnel that Mas check in staff says you all are not updated. She/He became agitated and even threatened to arrest for making a nuisance. A few officer came and I explained to them how can this happened and one officer decided to clarify the situation with the Mas check in staff a the counter and this time the arrogant Khairy was there to answer my inquiries and this what I get from his response: The problem is Mas check in boarding pass linking system is not link with the airport securities and I told that's not my fault and why do Mas in the first place sent emails to flyers asking them to Web check in with printed boarding. pass. Khairy proudly proceed to claim that's not his problem to solve this issue, that's the fault of Mas Management and he said something like PITA(the system company which sets the check in system). if a duty supervisor knew nothing about this duty and non linking procedure then whats is he doing here in the customers service counter?. I told him we dont like to running here and there to solve the issue when its not our fault. He arrogantly told me well, they allowed my son to check in, right, so what's the fuss, he said? and wave me off like asking me to get lost. I warned him I will complaint to MAS and he proudly said go ahead. Is that the way your MAS staff behaved to their customers?. I want a reply on the investigation or I'll post this complaint inside the Facebook for it to judge by those who is gonna will face this similar problem. Thank you.

May 11, 2017

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