Malaysia Airlinesunethical behaviour

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I purchased a ticket to fly from Sydney to Malaysia in Feb 2017. Later I learned that my niece is getting married in Malaysia and instead of making 2 trips to Malaysia in a year, I spoke to someone in MAS airlines to see if I can reschedule my flight. I was informed that I can do so provided it is done within a year. I asked if there is any cost to cancelling and re-booking. I was informed that there is no additional cost.

On a later date I called to check if I can go to Malaysia in September 2018 next year and then comeback in November 2018 - the return is past the 1 year. It was then I learned that the 1 year is within the date of purchase and not the date of flight.

When I realised that I had to book the flight before Feb 2018 - I decided that I would make the trip as initially planned. When I called to book the ticket, I was asked to pay Australian $415. I was angry as I was not informed additional costs.

I felt cheated by MAS flight as I am was not fully informed and has cost me an extra half of another ticket. I wanted to save money and make 1 trip and now it is costing me 1.5 tickets to make this one trip and then another cost for the wedding. MAS flight has not honored what they said.

May 05, 2017

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