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Date: 7th December 2018.

Fact: I was late for the transit flight from KL - Peneng.
Reason: First time in KL airport, directions were incredibly unclear. I had to ask a number of people before even finding the way to the right gate. But there was an Immigration in front of the gate?

I'm so confused. My flight was from Singapore - KL - Peneng.
I didn't even leave KL airport. Why do I have to go through Immigration in KL?
The Immigration had 1 person one duty. Initially there was about 11 people or so ahead of me. Can you believe it took almost 30 mins to clear them?
When I finally gotten to the Gate, the 2 ladies were practically just screaming in malay to the phone and walkie talkie. I have absolutely no idea what they were talking about. After 5 minutes of shouting among themselves, they told us no, we are unable to board, and told us to head to level 3. She didn't return my friend's passport. And when we asked, she said she didn't have it. But we did found it on the table.
Before we left, I politely asked for her name, but she practically screamed and denied my request. (By the way, do note that 'we are not allowed to take pictures nor video because it is aggressive and abusive', my question to the management; if your staff won't say her name, I am not allowed to take photos or videos, how do you expect to improve?

I believe Malaysia Airline is not a budget Airline. Why are they acting worse off then a budget airline though? Because we missed the flight, they wanted us to pay a penalty of 400+RM per person, and if we chose to purchase a new ticket, it costs 300+ RM per person.

I believe this is not what the management of Malaysia Airline hopes customers think about their image. Sadly, even the duty manager said that 'i can't do anything for you'. I thought the manager was there to help clients. I guess customer services just aren't their utmost concern.

Dec 09, 2018
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  •   Apr 06, 2019

    Kular Lumpar, Malaysia

    The text is unclear for the purpose of the public complaining.

    1. Please attach e-ticket and the Malaysia Airline boarding pass for each flight, which had been paid primary before incident related to boarding (incomplete information related to the gate number).

    2. Please explain,

    A. When and where (airport) the boarding gate was missing or was changed between 2 hours and 20 minutes prior to departure of the exact flight number, which is stated in your ticket.

    B. Which exact flight (number and date according to boarding pass) you had missed due to the incorrect managemnt of the barding terminal?

    3. Please attach e-ticket (receipt and PNR) for the flight, which had to pay in addition

    4. Please suggest, are you willing to bring the case against the offender to the court?

    All claims related to such situations can be presented for the resolution not later than 1 year following the flight.
    Make a note, that the period of 6 months requres for making a choise in evaluating of your own posibilities.


    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulation matters
    Aryan engineers Ltd.
    [ e--mail ] < aryan(at) >

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  • Ha
      Jul 18, 2019

    Train our staff, from most complaints its look like the staffs are very rude and verbally abusive!

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