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Malaysia Airlines / service failures

1 KL, Malaysia
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My partner and I recently took a trip from melbourne to phuket return. This consisted of 4 flights in total with malaysian airlines. This is what happened;
On the first flight from melbourne my partners screen didn't work properly. When it was time for the second meal on that flight, they did not have our pre-ordered special meals (Which they had for the 1st meal of the flight!). The meals were poor. I was served the same meal 3 times! My partner was served the same meal 3 times as well. My meal was lacto-ovo but what I was given was vegan. Although it was marked as western vegetarian, it was eastern vegan as I was serves rice, dahl and tofu 3 times! On some of the meals during the flights, the regular food given to customers would have been fine for me and/or my partner. Why didn't we just get those? Why waste money (Which you clearly don't have) on special meals when the meal you serve is vegetarian (For example) ? This happened several times. Why couldn't I get the same desert as other (a cookie) ? Was there meat in the cookie?! Vegetarians do eat cake, cookies, chocolate, cheese, eggs etc! My partner has salmon 3 times... Why would she want to eat the same meal two hours apart? Would you? It cost you more to provide that than give her the meal that was served to customers and did not have dairy (She is lactose free). On the last flight home we were given a salad roll for breakfast! For breakfast!!! Why would I eat that for breakfast? Why would you serve that? Do you know what a vegetarian is and what we eat? We couldn't eat it and asked for the same food that all the customers received... And you wasted money.
On both short leg flights my partner had the middle seat in the row and her footwell was obstructed both times by a device. This made her flight very uncomfortable. On the flight from phuket to kl, the seat pockets in front of both my partner and I were broken and torn. On both short haul flights (737) , the overhead screens did not open (Or close) properly and the safety messages did not properly display both times. The audio did not work either. On the first flight they gave up and had to do the safety instructions manually but they didn't do them properly or in at least two languages... This is a major safety concern.
On the flight from phuket to kl, the flight was delayed without explanation. We had a short transfer window and approached mas staff about this. They said they weren't sure what would happen but would call ahead so they knew we'd be late. We asked the flight steward the same and they advised there was nothing they could do but someone would meet us at the airport. When we arrived there was no one there of course. We had people on our flight connecting to melbourne, nz and other parts of australia. There was one person there for flights to darwin and she knew nothing about the other flights. We had no information about where to go. It turned out of course that the flight was leaving from the other terminal, from a gate all the way down the end of the concourse. We like many other ran wildly through the airport, a danger to all the other people there and to ourselves. No signs, no help, no assurance the plane would wait, no one there with a car to drive us. I am recovering from surgery and my partner has asthma. The risk you cause to your customers health is unacceptable. The risk of people falling and hurting themselves and others as they run through the airport is appalling. Mas knew where our flights were leaving from. Ours would have been there at least an hour. We could have been told that we needed to take a train to the other gate. We could have been told it would wait for us. We could have had the help of mas staff. But mas is not the airline it was and no longer provides a premium service... Sadly, you don't even provide a basic service anymore. So once I ran all the way to the plane, I made it on and hyperventilated for the next few minutes. I was covered in sweat and must have smelled awful - and now I faced an 8 hour flight that way! But I was not alone, for my partner and many other people who ran were in the same predicament, undoubtedly to the dismay of those that had to sit near us. We had already had a long day of travel, delayed at phuket airport which is very uncomfortable and then made to run like animals. No apology was provided. As we caught our breath the captain announced a delay as they waited an extra 15 minutes for people transferring from other flights! Why were we not told this? Why weren't we given an opportunity to go to the plane quickly and safely without the worry or need to rush? This was appalling. I asked the cabin crew for a face washer that mas used to hand out to all customers and I saw them giving to first and business class but I was advised that this was no longer provided to economy customers. I told the cabin crew member my story and he took pity and provided me with a towel... The only good service we had on any of the 4 flights.
During this flight the poor mas girl working in our area was all alone making service sow. We were advised that one crew member called in sick and was not replaced. This is not appropriate nor is it safe... I have serious concerns about mas's safety practices.
So we arrived in melbourne and are waiting for our bags and I hear my name called. You guessed it, even though I was made to run for the plane at my own risk and then wait an additional 20 minutes which they allowed for everyone else to make it, my and my partners bags didn't get on the plane. A 'hot transfer' label was put on both bags in phuket and there was at least 30 minutes from when our plane arrived to when the other plane left but our bags were not put on... Just to rub salt into very big wounds. It took a little over 40 hours for our bags to arrive to us. We were without our essentials for all that time and were unable to clean our clothes for the working week that had started. We were put out by this for the rest of the week.
We are very upset and disappointed by the poor service and practices of malaysia airlines. Your standards have dropped so low and continue to fall. Worse yet is you don't seem to know how to fix the problems and do the basic things right to allow your customers an enjoyable trip so they may use you again. This was the worst possible ending to what was a lovely holiday. Unfortunately because of mas, we got home, angry, tired, dirty and upset without our clothes, toiletries and other possessions to sort ourselves out. You waste so much money of special meals which aren't right, your planes are falling apart and your staff have very low morale. That is why they no longer do the things that used to set mas apart.
I had only just agreed to use mas after my last bad experience with you in 2014 - i'd used your competitors since but took a chance this time. When booking the flights it asked for my qantas frequent flyer number and I was under the impression that I would receive points for the flight. Qantas now tells me that this seat class does not provide for points. Why were we not told at the time of booking? We booked under false pretences and were misled. We should have that information at that time in order to make an informed decision about which airline I would use. We are seeking an apology, an explanation about the mess which is your food service and compensation for the misleading information, poor service, affect to our health to be made to run, uncomfortable flights with poor food and having no bags for 40+ hours.

Nov 11, 2016

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