Malaysia Airlinesservice

Hi MH Team,

I took MH flight from HCM to CGK on may 11th 2017 and layover in KL (MH 0759 & MH 0727). I tremendously disappointed with your service.

1. Your flight delayed for 1.5 hours and none of your staffs apology or even gave any informations for that!!

2. In the middle of flight i wanted to go to the toilet and your stewardess was serving the beverages with trolly. She told me to wait for a minute instead of moved the trolly for a second. I waited for more than 3 minutes and she was still serving, eventually i moved back to my seat and didnt go to the toilet!! Do you think people can hold their nature call for that long??? Please train your staff to be more polite and use their brain while working!!!

Since you are not a cheap airlines, please improve your service in the future. I think that's the reason why you guys are not in top 10 airlines anymore and 2 of your aircrafts crashed.



May 11, 2017

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