Malaysia Airlinesservice and plane maintenance

To Malaysia Airlines,
Something strange is going on within your airline. Whilst your CEO seems to say the right things, your service and maintenance of aircraft is frankly below par to the point of it being atrocious.
Lets start with your service. I would not say all the crew are bad but the majority of them are just going through the motion. The tidak apa attitude is prevalent amongst them and they do not seem to care if you are served or not. I guess you have already bought your ticket and are seated in the suck ###! Like I said, not all are bad but there are enough bad ones to make a 13 hour journey not enjoyable. your aircraft. I know you are about to stop using your A380s at the end of the year and only use it for Haj charters but as long as you are using the plane and flying it, the least you could do is to ensure the plane is in working condition. On the flight MH4 on the 4th May to London...the toilets had no water 8 hours into a 13 hour flight! And on MH3 to KL on the 14th May, the toilets on the left side of the cabin were not working straight from take off. The crew sealed up the doors.
It takes more than just making a few press statements and giving a few interviews by the CEO praising the airline to persuade travellers from spending our money flying with your airline. You might get us to fly once or twice but after enough disappointments and frustrations, we will decide to fly with other airlines. It might mean an extra hour or two but why not? We are not beholden to you and neither do we want to suffer flying with you.

May 16, 2017

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