Malaysia Airlinesseat allocation/unhelpful staff/luggage

We had an appalling experience flying out to Bangkok (transfer at Kuala Lumpur) from London Heathrow. Before arriving at the airport we came across problems trying to check in and book seats - when buying the flights back in January we were unable to book seats due to an error on the website. I therefore called the airline the day of the flight to book the seats (this cost me a fortune due to there being no contact number for England). I was advised by customer service that if we wanted to book extra leg room which we did then we should wait until we got to the airport, we later realised that the seats we had tried to book back in January were on our boarding passes so we thought we would be fine. When we arrived at the airport 3 hours before the flight was due to take off the queue was ridiculous. We waited in the queue for over 2 and a half hours meaning that a lot of passengers almost missed the flight. A fellow passenger later told us that the issue was because the computer systems had gone down so no booked seats had been saved - we were given absolutely no information from the airline staff about this whilst we were queuing. Once we got to check in we found out that not only did we not have the seats booked that we thought we did but we were firstly unable to get extra leg room which was needed as my partner is 6ft 5, and secondly my partner and I were also not going to be able to sit next to each other. We were told to speak to the ground staff about this when boarding the flight however when we did this the boarding staff were thoroughly unhelpful and could nothing for us therefore we were unable to sit next to each other - if we had children this would have been even more unacceptable.
Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur due to the delayed first flight we very nearly missed our connection. Luckily we managed to get there in time however upon arrival in Bangkok we discovered that our luggage was still in Kuala Lumpur. The staff at Bangkok were as helpful as they could be although offered no means of compensation for this. As a result we had to incur further costs for the next 24 hours to buy necessities and clothing as all we had to wear was what we were wearing - trousers and jumpers - hardly appropriate for the 40 degree heat in Bangkok! We have since returned to England and have heard nothing from Malaysia airlines about any compensation. Are we going to be reimbursed and compensated for these extra costs and inconvenience that we had to incur??? This really was the worst flight we have ever experienced and we expect to be compensated as soon as possible.
Charlotte Carey & George Nelson

May 05, 2017

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