Malaysia Airlines / scheduled flight no show & no notice from mas (left us stranded at tokyo!!)

Sepang, Malaysia
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To the personnel in-charge,
We happily booked the airline tickets from MAS airline website; ref X61VH (for 2 passengers). On departure day at Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT), we waited patiently for the MAS flight scheduled to depart from NRT on Monday, 10th April 2017, 21:40. However, we were so shocked when noticed that there is no MAS flight information on the information display board at NRT airport terminal. Even till approximately 2 hours before boarding time, no information of the said MAS flight details too.
We further checked with the NRT information counter personnel but they stated that there is no such flight from MAS in their system. Called MAS but there is no clear answer; MAS caused us to be stranded there and failed to provide any immediate compensation and care (including accommodation, meals, phone calls, internet access, transportation etc) for us at that time. What happened? MAS just left us wondering whether the flight is delayed, or cancelled, or overbooking etc… later we found out that actually there is NO FLIGHT departing from NRT at all for the said day and timing. Why MAS still confirmed the booking of ticketing date and timing previously? How can MAS left passengers abandon this way? MAS must first contact passengers to notify in exchange for compensation or care. There is no clear communication from MAS; MAS did not ensure in informing us prior hand that there is no flight. Not only time is wasted, besides incur additional expenses, also causing unnecessary distressed.
It is not the first time we take flight and this incident really left us in the dark, particularly when the MAS app is still counting down the time to depart. How ridiculous!! In short, we are left stranded at another country which we are not familiar with and no urgency support from MAS.
We ended-up need rush to search and book last minute room accommodation, have to catch the last train and also incurred additional expenses since need continue stay on at Tokyo till next available flight (but till when? …no clear indication).
MAS not care enough about our safety too. By the time we get to check-in the accommodation it already past midnight! Also have a tough time explaining to the company as need take few days off (emergency/ last minute leaves) since still stranded at Tokyo. There were crucial meeting session which needs to attend to in Malaysia but because of this incident eventually we missed those meetings (MAS put our reputation at stake).
In addition, also needs to coordinate family arrangements as the non-turn out flight has affected our other plans. MAS… where are your responsibility and care for your passengers? We are truly disappointed with the way you handle this incident. Extremely terrible experiences that we need to endure. Can you imagine the hassle and trouble that we need to suffer due to MAS incompetence to act on the matter timely and appropriately?
We would expect MAS to compensate us accordingly in monetary for:
• The additional incurred expenses ranging from accommodation, meals, phone calls, internet access, transportation
• Reimburse in full the flight (air fare) since the flight failed to serve the intended purpose as per Section 12(1) of the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016
• The additional leaves taken
Will be expecting prompt response and action from MAS on this matter, kindly reply email to e.[protected] without further delay. Please do not continue giving us more disappointment.

May 5, 2017

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