Malaysia Airlinesoverbooked flight and next flight is next morning

I was bound to sg from kl on 1 may and thou I arrived 2.5 hours earlier for check in I was told the flight is overbook and I wil have no choice or alternatives but to take the next earliest flight t next mornin 8am. I needed to fly back on the night itself as I need to be t work.your personal just told me I have no options.
I was offered only an accommodation and no Meal compensation at all. It was only after 'negotiations ' that your officer gave me the Meal voucher.
Mas, 1st you could at least provide better service in letting us know earlier on the flight status. 2nd, can I know how would you compensate on the fact that my work is disrupted and a force leave has to be taken.

May 09, 2017

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