Malaysia Airlinesofficial complaint – flight mh0001 – london to kuala lumpur 21 december 2016 21.35pm

I am writing on behalf of both my husband and myself regarding the delayed flight MH0001. We were travelling from London connecting in Kuala Lumpur to Perth, Australia.

After leaving 25 minutes late from London Heathrow at 10pm we were two hours into the flight over Budapest when we were told by the pilot that a loud noise was coming from one of the doors on the upper levels. We were then advised that we were returning to London Heathrow in order to assess the seriousness of the situation.

We arrived back at London Heathrow around 2am. After sitting on the plain for 5 hours we eventually took off at 7am. Luckily the rest of the flight to Kuala Lumpur was problem free.

However, when we landed in Kuala Lumpur, the problems started once again. Obviously we had missed our connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur and there is only one Malaysia Air flight a day to Perth.
We found the communication from the staff at Kuala Lumpur airport very vague and we felt like we were the dark on what was going on most of the time.

All the people flying to Perth were split in to two groups. One group would catch the 08.30am flight and the rest of the group would catch the later flight at 18.30pm. My husband was put on to the early flight and I was put on to the later flight. The same thing happened to another family and my husband was forced to take the later flight with me because the other family had a child with them.

We spent the day in a hotel 20 minutes from the airport where our lunch was undercooked so we did not eat for fear of food poisoning. The flight out of Kuala Lumpur left 1.5 hours late and we eventually arrived in Perth around 01.30am.

We calculated that the total journey from the time of take off at London Heathrow to when we landed in Perth took 42 hours. Not only did we lose a full day of our holiday but we also had to pay for a night not spent at our booked accommodation.

I expect a swift response on full compensation for not only the inconvenience of the journey and money lost but also valuable family time we can never get back.

I will be happy to send you any further details you may nee on a less public domain.



Jan 10, 2017

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