Malaysia Airlines / missing baggage

Dear Sir,
I was travelling for work from KL to Kuching on MH [protected]@ 1655 on 27 nov 2016 and checked in earlier at KL Sentral. However, my luggage was missing when arrived at kuching airport. When compared fronting the personnel in charge, there was no apologies but just gave a slip and asked to go back first, as they also do not know where was the luggage; and that they will try locate the bag and contact me.
Only a SMS message was sent to me saying luggage can number collected. I am thankful that my luggage was be found; albeit a day later, but the attitude that "this is normal, and we are not sorry about it" is very disturbing. It is as the all the inconvenience and worry about luggage and my precious work clothes and work/books are insignificant in their eyes, and that this is a NORMAL occurence. Well, it is at least not normal to me!
I have travelled very frequently on MAS and was smart enough to take my bag as handcarry in most circumstances, and it is because I am bringing along books and work related documents that are heavy that prompted me to check in my luggage. And yet, this happens. I'm so disappointed.

Nov 28, 2016

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