Malaysia Airlinesmh 103, mh 149, failed to provide wheelchair or immi assistance for old lady who cant walk properly

Hello this is Aslam.We have been flying with Malaysia Airlines most of the time and we cannot believe the utter deterioration in service. We always praised the airline but not anymore.

Last year my mother in law came through MAS with wheelchair assistance and immi assistance, never had any problem. She wil travel back bangladesh on 9th april, hopping she won't have any problwm either.

But im extremely disappointed the way MAS treated my mom who recently came to melbourne. When i booked flight( MH 103, MH 149) i made clear request to have wheel chair and immirgration assistance. My mom 70+ yrs old, first time traveling alone, doesnt Speak in English either, she really cant walk property due to aged and she is on medication.

1st scenario, my mom travel 25th march, when she approach airlines crew, they failed to provide wheel chair and no assistance what so ever. Therefore she had to walk, stay in que to board aircraft.

2nd scenario, when she get off the aircraft in Malaysia, no one wait for wheel chai assistance, neither help her to get into other gate for connecting flight. Imagine for old lady cant communicate with other, luckily she found other bangladeshi couple who helped mom to show the gate. She board aircraft without needing any assistance from any malaysia crew. More drama happenedwhen she off at melbourne airport. Same scenario happened no assiatnce in melbourne airport. She dont know what to do. She lost path, therefore a security guard have found her and take her to the immigration. Ince she pass immigration. Again issue with luggage checking, she had to wait almost 2.5 hour standing. In the que. She felt like crying as she cant walk anymore. I had to speak with AIBPS, as well as menzies australian airport support to get update on my mom arrival. When she came out after 4 hours later. She hug me and start crying.

This is absolutely unprofessionalism, disgraceful, unacceptable. This situation could end up with major accident due to her health issue. Apology not acceptable.

Mar 31, 2016

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