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We travelled today from LGK to KL, and then to Colombo from KL. We didn't receive our luggages and we were informed from CMB airport that those will be delivered to my address tomorrow morning.
Address -
Ms. Weragoda Gamage Don Sanduni Suvimali,
No 235/C,
Batagama North,
Ja-Ela, Sri-Lanka

We have 8 luggages and references were given as follows.

From the beginning of our journey we experienced so many inconvenient incidents. There were four adults and one kid on the 29th Apr a flight got cancelled and we faced a hard time. Now we haven't got the luggages. LGK to KL flight was delayed around 20 minutes which caused this scenario but should have given the priority for transit passenger luggages. This is really bad service from Malaysia airlines sad to say.

Malaysia Airlines

  • Updated by Sandu Weragoda, May 04, 2018

    This is to provide you guys a picture of luggages which were not received yesterday.

    Reference CMBH19917 and CMBH19918

    I have marked the bags which we have with us in red circles. Other 8 bags we didn't receive.

    Three black upright luggaes, 03
    one dark greenish upright luggage, 01
    one red upright luggage 01
    Luis Vuitton traveling bag 01
    dark blue NDB SRC travelling bag, 01
    ash color JURA bag. 01

May 03, 2018
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      May 04, 2018


    We were traveling from New Delhi to Singapore via Malaysia Airline flight MH 191 and MH 601.

    The airline (Malaysia Airlines) misplaced the luggage, we were informed that they will load the luggage in the next flight, even after the arrival of 4-5 flights your ground staff was unable to locate our luggage. We were travelling in Business class, If this is the service provided to Business class we wonder what the economy class passengers go thru.

    We the customer service number in India and Malaysia and we did not get any assistance from them either, and were just given an email id to send the mail, which to point is very unprofessional.

    We were booked to board a cruise for the same day i.e. 4th May 2018, which we obviously could not board thanks to the efficient support of the airline. After spending long tiring hours at the airport we have booked a hotel locally and are waiting for our luggage.

    The flight landed at 9:00am and till 6 in the evening these guys have been unable to locate the luggage. Such kind of service was not expected from an airline like this.

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  •   May 04, 2018

    There are no indication of the paid service:
    - e-ticket number
    - reservation number
    - flight number(s)
    - baggage tag(s)
    - name of passengers
    - * seat number,
    All these data are shown boarding pass/ eticket.
    The ground staff can not not, if any, where is the passenger baggage in the particular time or the exact reason, why it had been off-loaded the flight, until the baggage is received.


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  •   May 04, 2018

    There are NO signs of any inflight service in the complaint, like:
    data and number of the flight,
    airports or the departure airport, associated with the flight,
    booking number and/or ticket number

    Air carriers do not have obligations to look into any complaint, which are submitted via unofficial sources,
    and any complaint, which does not specify the type of the service objectively.
    Moreover, any official claim has to contain the particulars of the claimant, at least.


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