Malaysia Airlinesdelayed luggage compensation

I sent the email below to LHR.[protected] on 6.7.16, amd again to [protected] on 14.7.16. I have heard absolutely nothing in the months since then. I am very disappointed by the lack of response.

Dear Malaysia Airlines,
On 16th June 2016 I arrived at London Heathrow on MH0004 to discover that my suitcase had been left in Kuala Lumpur while it was in transit after my flight from Sydney, Australia.
The Heathrow staff were very helpful and explained that my suitcase would arrive the following day.
However, I only had the clothes that I had travelled in (Australian winter) until my bag arrived. I had to purchase new underwear, swimming costume, sandals and tops as my case did not arrive until more than 24 hours after I had landed.
Attached are my receipts for the purchased items for reimbursement into UK account number [protected], sort code 606040.
Kind regards
Lucy Dennison
39 Jamieson Avenue, Fairlight, NSW, 2094 Australia

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

May 06, 2017

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