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Cyberjaya, Malaysia

I am one of the member of the old MAS system, I just want to know whether I will receive a membership card for the new reservation system, but no one reply me. I tried:
1. Contact Us, no reply at all
2. Facebook chat, only tell me to call or email, and not even read my messages after that (so sad I deleted it as I'm quite mad with the respond)
3. Email, sent twice, first email was OPENED yesterday (yes, I confirm with that as I have setup my email address to send me a notification once the recipient open the email, and it works well now) but no reply, yes, I know, you will answer the email based on the waiting queue, so is this means that you will open the email just for fun? Or giving you an excuses that you MISSED the email later as you already open it so you would not remember that you have not reply to that email yet? Sorry I really cannot understand...
4. At the end, I call in, and the answer was so simple: "No you have to signup again."... Nice, thank you for wasting me so much time to find the contact us or facebook or email or even call in just to know a NO, why can't you just answer me via facebook chat? Why can't you just email me? So typing those words will eat up 1 hour? 1 day?

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

Jun 15, 2017

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