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MH2 04/06/2018, Check-in row C KLIA.

Airline failed to provide the 2 adjoining seats (with one of them being an aisle, 16D & 16F) I had previously booked and paid for.

Was initially told that my agent had not booked the seats, which was true since I had booked them myself online and have the airlines confirmation email complete with receipt references (copy can be sent on request). Then I was told that only one of the seats had been booked. All this didn't add up as we had booked exactly the same seats on our outgoing flight (MH3 17/05/2018) which were provided with no problems. Then I was told that the seats I had booked had been sold to someone else. I was offered alternative seats further back in the cabin but declined these as we wanted the additional legroom. At that point I requested to speak to a check-in supervisor. We were then offered 2 independent seats in different rows, both in central positions, which we also declined as my wife is a nervous traveller and needs to get up frequently during flights. I asked what compensation we could have and was told none and that I would have to make a complaint. All this debate lasted for an hour and a half with long absences of check-in staff whilst they were checking with ticketing, during which time my wife started feeling unwell and was provided with a chair.

As we were getting nowhere and my wife was unwell (she had previously booked special assistance due to inability of long walks), my only concern was to get on the plane and go home, so I accepted the offer made by the supervisor that boarding passes would be issued for the 2 independent seats, he would block book the previously offered adjoining seats and that on-board cabin staff would make arrangements to seat us appropriately. Little did I know that this was a ruse to get us out of check-in and that no such other arrangements would be possible.

When we boarded the plane, cabin staff were completely unaware that there was a seating problem and we had to go through the whole scenario again, this time coping with rude cabin staff and being made to feel the villain of the piece in front of all other passengers, hoping in vain that since everyone had boarded, some suitable arrangements could be made. I noticed that business class was largely empty and suggested this might be a solution but was told cabin staff had no authority to use those seats. The debate with cabin staff continued with no flexibility whatsoever, resulting in my wife and I being given an ultimatum "go to the 2 adjoining seats down the plane or be offloaded" at which point my wife became very upset and we reluctantly took the smaller sized seats. All through the flight we were ignored by cabin crew and at no point during the whole episode were we given any apology.

This has left us with a very bad memory of what had been up until then a very nice Malaysian holiday, which included 4 previous Malaysia airlines flights.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Malaysia Airlines Customer Care's Response, Jun 10, 2018

    Dear Customer,

    Kindly send your feedback to [protected]

    We will assist you accordingly.

    Thank you
    Customer Care

Jun 08, 2018
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  •   Jun 09, 2018

    In order to claim anything, the normal passenger shall introduce him or herself.

    There is no evidience in the complaint:
    - no name of passenger, no contacts,
    - no correct flights IDs,
    - no e-ticket / boarding pass attached,
    - no receipt is attached.

    It is addressed to noone. Such complaint can not be handled.

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    e-mail: aryan(AT)
    Kindly substitute antispam (AT)[email protected] in email box for the request of the service.

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