Malaysia Airlines / being bumped off a flight, losing luggage, damaging luggage, refusing to communicate despite more than 40 emails

Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand

My daughter had the misfortune to fly on malaysia airlines on 8th april. This was to be a three night rest and relax getaway from singapore - destination cambodia. She boarded her flight in singapore, asked where her boarding pass for the kl - siem reap leg was. You will get this in kl she lined up to get her boarding pass to be told she was not getting one - even though families after her were issued with boarding passes. The person at the check in desk at kl she was talking to rubbed her passport on his whiskery chin which she told him to stop doing as she found it revolting. She was offloaded - even though she is a silver status skywards member of emirates (Who is in the same one world alliance as malaysia airlines). She was put into a dirty hotel in kuala lumpur and didnt reach siem reap until the afternoon of the next day. So much for her 3 night holiday away. It was a waste of money. But it didnt end there, on trying to board her return flight she was told that her return flight had been cancelled. She finally boarded and was intimidated by a steward on the plane. Her baggage did not arrive back with her and when it did there was a broken bottle inside it despite it being clearly labelled fragile
I have since send more than forty emails to malaysia airlines, and phoned them from new zealand five times. What do you do to get some sort of communication from these people? I have requested a full refund of the total cost of my daughters trip that they ruined and dont care about

Jun 19, 2017

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