Malaysia Airlinesafter get the luggage, inside the most expensive jacket usd 150 is missing!

L Nov 16, 2017

🇮keep chase and chase, finally after 33 hours I get my back my luggage. But after open the luggage, my jacket is missing! It new bought from Japan and it cost usd 150!! ... Then 🇮call and complaint, the person still told me you go contact Malaysia airline, I give you the phone number 854-0709 but this number I call few days ago, it never never have someone to answer it!.. And when the Manila terminal one staff told me, my luggage is delay and request my luggage passwords, 🇮already told if item missing, it is you all will bear it?.. They answer me, if no provide password, they can open the zip ! scanner but still need open the luggage, 🇮totally don't understand it, but fine 🇮just provide so that they no spoil my luggage, but now after provide password the item is missing, I feel like myself is fool!... Now luggage also spoil, item also missing...!! Speechless..

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