Makro, Albertonunorganised, don't care attitude

We went to Makro 8 December 2018, I was so close leaving my 2 trolleys and walking out. It was a very busy day as it normally is month ends at Makro, but this was the worst! Unorganised no care attitude!! No trolleys was outside for clients, all empty trolleys was standing around inside Makro everywhere. You could not move between shelves, they dropped bulk stock in each and every passage of the shelves, no packers in sight unpacking! The staff was walking around chatting, holding hands, laughing and when you ask them what is going on, why is no one unpacking and making it easy for shoppers to move around, they just pull up the shoulders and reply "maybe they are all on a brake", SERIOUSLY!! 3 Hours brake, ALL THE STAFF?? Shoppers could not pass each other, or you could not get to goods on the shelf due to the stock bulking up on the floor. You could not walk through to the next end and go to the next passage as it was blocked with stock bulking up and shoppers who waited to pay at the bulk section, to turn around was a mission!! Even the toilets for clients to use was disgusting! It looked and felt like there was a slow strike, and no control! I have never seen Makro like this, and I seriously think that management should take control and stop ignoring the problem or sit in the office doing nothing

Dec 11, 2018

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