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Mahindra Scorpio / SERVICE CENTRE

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  • Ma
      30th of Jan, 2010
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    Dear Nadeem,

    We are very sorry to hear about your experience. We have noted and escalated your concern and we shall get back to you shortly. We do not recommend posting your contact details on a public forum like this as it may be misused.

    For any queries or feedback in the future you can always call us at the Scorpioline – 99350 66006 or at the WITH YOU HAMESHA Toll Free Number – 1800-22-6006. Email us at [email protected] or write to us at our mailing address:

    Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.,
    Automotive Sector,
    Road No. 13, Worli,
    Mumbai : 400 018.

    Mahindra Scorpio Team

    *Toll Free number is accessible from MTNL, Garuda and BSNL phone.

  • Pr
      4th of Feb, 2011
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  • Ja
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    Hi M&M,

    I am joining the elite group of those dissatisfied customers present across this country and still using your company manufactured, much publicised, your market saved vehicle SCORPIO.

    I gave my Vehicle (TN-04 R 6162) for a regular maintanence service (70, 000KM) with few more compliants related to AC & seating alignment on 26/02/2011 (Saturday) to your esteemed dealer MPL Motors, Vadapalani, Chennai.

    The Service Advisor (Ranjith) noted down my complaints in the Jobsheet and for seat alignment and parts requested me to give some time to fix. Since i want the complaints to be resolved, told him to take 6 days time which he accepted and promised to deliver. The next day, he called me and told there are some more complaints in the vehicle which may cost close to 25, 000 rs / - for which he wanted my approval. I gave him the approval the very next day. But on the 6th day when i checked whether the vehicle is ready for delivery, i was told it will take some more time. Also, he wanted to know whether i would like to get the broken front wind shield to be replaced through insurance for which i asked him the formality. I didnt get any response back on the formality to be followed for the next 4 days. On wednesday, i went with the docs for insurance cliam, where i was told it is not sufficient to process insurance. I was frustrated, as after following up for 4 days and confimring on the documentation required, all my effort to travel from home to service centre gone waste. No one to compensate that?..

    My agony continued after that also.The SE called me after 14days and said the vehicle is ready for delivery beliving the same i went with full cash of 58, 000rs/- and pushed to my extreme frutration level when i inspected the vehicle and found out that almost all the complaints i gave unattended!!!...

    What to do?? at that point i thought i could have learned Car Mechanism...

    My question here is: If none of the visible problem was rectified, how i belive that your service would have carried out other complaints?

    I returned home without the Vehicle but with complete disappointment!!!
    After 4 further days of time, they delivered the vehicle at my home, belive me or not in the same condition as what i saw 4 days earlier!!!

    I dont want to use the word frustration as already mentioned i had reached the height of the same.

    I told them i cannot pay untill all my problems are rectified, for which the SE & the driver threatened of going to police and file a case against me. I guess nowadays one who does all wrong has got the right to go to police???

    I told them do whatever they wanted to do, i cannot pay. After 2 days, their manager (Vaidhyanathan) called and promised that will take good care!! of the vehicle and will deliver in proper condition.

    Finally after 23 days of struggle, i was told to collect the vehicle on 04/04/2011 morning 9:00AM IST. When i went there found my vehicle in a unclean condition.Thought myself that i could clean it, but when i checked further, found that few more complaints were still not done. I waited for 4 hrs to finally get my hand on the vehicle. But, still the vehicle is having problem with AC, when i pointed it to their manager, he told me that it is a minor problem and he could do a service sometime later with discount.

    Hope you all would have read till now.

    To register my (donno what to put)..called up your feedback cell -- 1800226006 and told whatever i faced. That guy (Gaurav) promised me that the Area Manager / Service Manager from Mahindra will connect me within a days time to resolve the issue and gave me a complaint number KD05/0236. but as expected none reached me so far!

    Would like to know,

    Whether your Aim is to make Money alone?
    Are you people becoming deaf & dumb once your vehicle is sold?
    Is that you think that "what will happen if one is going to shout like this"?
    Dont you want me to buy another Scorpio (i considered my proud to own one till this incident - Now will definitely wont think or recommend)
    What is that action that will taken against the Dealer / SM for making one of your customer wait for 23days and finally delivering the vehicle with complaints unresolved?

    Will doing service later with discount will solve the very basic motto of your Hamesha?

    Would recommend you to remove your advertisement on "Hamesha" with so many good lines which your dealers never mind to follow.

    Thanks & regards,
    Your highly disappointed

  • Ta
      28th of Jul, 2011
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  • Bo
      8th of Apr, 2012
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    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I am Mr. Bobin Devasia, son of P K Devasia.We are the regular customers of Mahindra, from our early days .This letter is regarding my concern and feedback, regarding the service recently I received from Mahindra service centre/TVS, Eranakulam, Kerala, for my Scorpio model no:T28STR, chase no: MA1PA2DFC32G83237, engine no: BF34G48097.
    With lot of frustration and stress, I am writing this letter to the higher authority seeking justice.
    On 28th march, 2am on the way back from Ooty with my family, my Scorpio had a sudden sound and smoke coming from engine side. At the midnight I called the 24 hr service hotline and service centre landline a lot of time to get a help. But no one responded, after a long wait, I got a taxi and putting my Scorpio on the road with my family, went to the 24 hr service centre, Ernakulum bypass.
    The staff on duty for the day, Mr.Deepu attended to me and came to the spot with me and checked thoroughly the vehicle. On the full examination, he told that the internal timing wiring is the cause for the problem and asked to sent the vehicle for thorough checking after removing the engine fan we drive the vehicle towards the service centere.The staff Mr .Deepu thoroughly checked my vehicle in front of me and explained details and came to conclusion that all other part are well and only the timing wiring (inside wiring)should be changed and will take at least 1 to 2 weeks, as my car is first model batch, the parts have to intend from the company. He also noted the remaining fuel amount and listed all complaints in a service sheet.
    As we are staying in Changanacherry, which is around 80 km from Ernakulum service centre, we requested Mr Deepu to do some speedy recovery, so that we can bring to Kottayam service centre next morning, which is only 18 km from my house. But according to him, he steadily told us that, when the timing wiring is spoiled and if we drive the car, it will spoil the entire wiring system and gear and can cause more issues. As he advised, we waited until morning 5.30am and left the place.
    That night Mr Deepu told us that when service centre opens in morning, the staff will give us a call to update regarding the work and its progress .The day morning no one call us and I called the service centre at 12.30 pm to check the repairing status, the staff attended to me was Mr Berin, who seem to be very inpatient, when I queried about my car, he told me that there is a staff shortage and will call back and let us know about the complaints in 2 days time. When I asked his name and his position he pushed the call to a lady in the reception, when spoken to her the response was almost the same. When she told that she is a receptionist, I requested to speak to a service staff, then she transferred the call to Mr Sujesh (service adviser) attended to my call, he too mentioned regarding the staff shortage story, but showed a manner to apologise and collected the vehicle details from me to gather the info and assured me that he will call me within 1 hr. But I waited until 4.30pm and call them back and requested for Mr Sujesh. According to him the mechanics are still finding the problem will call back and update me later. I told him that the night duty staff Mr, Deepu has already thoroughly checked my vehicle in front of me and recorded the problem in the service sheet .He ended the call, saying that someone in charge will call by night time and update, but I didn’t get any calls from the until next day.
    The next day I called them back at 11 am to check the status and requested for the same person Mr, Sujesh, as I no need to say again the story from start. The reception staff told me that he is not around and as I requested for a person in a same position .They give me Mr Anu Ravi (service Adviser) ph number (7293264793). When I called him, he seem to be very blur and unsure of what is happening .Again I had to tell him the whole story and give the vehicle details .He told that he will check through and will call back. I explained my frustration, as no one had called from the service centre until now. Mr Anu Raj promised me that he will surely call me back after 15 min, surprisingly he called me and told me that, alternator has problem and will check again. I told that the night duty staff Mr Deepu has already checked my vehicle in front of me and recorded the problem in the service sheet and requested him to do things accordingly.
    He told that he will call back and let us know about the collection day when repairing completed. The next day on 31st he called my father and told that the vehicle is ready and asks to come and collect, also told that still got some small sound, but no need to worry. As my father couldn’t go that day, told that will come next day 1st April to get the vehicle .My father and my friend rented a car and went to Ernakulum service office. When they checked the car still had the same sound problem when started and when checked the security staff there told my father, that the problem are solved and no need to worry and ask to go a head. Even though my father tried to call Mr, Anu Ravi regarding the bad sound was unable to get, as it was a Sunday. So they took the car and drive towards Changanacherry, the vehicle had very bad sound problem and stopped in Mankobu, which is 15 km, away from Changanacherry at 2 pm.My old father and my friend when checked the bonnet the timing belt was misplaced and smoke coming out from the engine.
    They tried to call Ernakulum and Kottayam service centre lot of time continuously, but no one pick up and after long 20 to 25 phone calls, the Kottayam service vehicle answered the call and come for help at 6pm to the spot after through checking Mr Girish from the Kottayam, told that the timing wiring is totally spoiled, as inside wiring was not changed and drive almost 65 km had spoiled some related wiring systems.
    According to them wanted to use Crain to pull the vehicle to Kottayam (50 km from the spot). But when mentioned that the vehicle just came out from Ernakulum service centre, they contacted directly to the Ernakulum service centre and enquired, after discussion the manager from Ernakulum service centre told, that the vehicle will be pulled to Ernakulum for further repairing (65 to 70 km from the spot), also asked us to pay for the crain charges. When told Mr Girish, that we need a written slip of the crain charges, he called service centre Manager and after discussion, Manager agreed to pay the money in Ernakulum office.
    They parked the vehicle in a petrol pump that night and took via crain towards Ernakulum next day. As I got the Assistant Manager, Mr Vineeth’s number from the office, I called him from Singapore to enquire regarding the issue, according to him, he told that car has reached and need to check and will call back and update me later. When I called him again in the evening there was no response so I had to call the Ernakulum service centre office and asked for Mr Vineeth, according to the staff Mr Vineeth was in a meeting. So I sms him to call back after the meeting, later when I called him in the evening he told me that the inside timing wiring is totally spoiled and need to be changed and will take time. When he told me this I asked him that when my car was first assessed by Mr Deepu on the very first day the problem was same and the inside wiring must have been changed, instead of that the service staff had changed my cars :
    (1) Break liner and break fluid without consulting us (the break liner and fluid was changed recently), where I only mention to check my cars break system, as a routine.
    (2) Alternator resetting without our permission
    (3) Wiring (according to the staff they have only changed the outer timing wiring).
    I steadily told him that no one has informed or asked for a permission from me or my father, also I complaint to him that their service was very poor .According to Mr Vineeth the issues seems to be unknown to him and will enquire and get back to me. Next day I called him again to check the status, he told me very casually that the timing wiring and some related internal wirings including the gear system has totally spoiled and have to change. As my car is the first model it will take time, as the parts should be ordered from the company. I asked him how long it will take, without mentioning clearly, he told that generally other cars with almost the same problem have been there nearly 2 months. I also asked him why they changed my beak liner and break fluid and alternator resetting which was not mentioned to us at all. According to him he said, that there was some existing problem so that they had to change and assured that they have done it with our acknowledgement, which I totally disagree. I also told Mr Vineeth that, my elderly father confirmed with Mr Anu Ravi via phone that the car is ready to pick, even though there is a small sound, but it is not an issue, as they have thoroughly checked. When my friend (who was with me on the first day) started the car and realized that the irritable sound is still there, was also convinced by the staff, my father had to drive the car back home.
    After this I enquired regarding the estimated bill with Mr Vineeth and he told me that it can be minimum 25000 to 30000 rupees, very casually. After hearing this I questioned him that when my car was first assessed by Mr Deepu in front of me, he definitely told me that the internal timing wiring should be changed urgently and will take at least 2 weeks time as the parts have to be intended from the company, also Mr Deepu explained to me that running the vehicle without changing the internal timing wiring can cause related problem. I asked Mr Vineeth how come, after the service and payment my car ended up with the same problem and stopped half way, which clearly shows that the problem was not correctly solved and the payment was taken for unnecessary services. Also complained to him that, from the day one, the service provided was very poor, lot of communication breakdowns, irresponsible behaviour and poor follow-ups, which had made my elderly and ill father to travel by taxi with my friend from Changanacherry to Ernakulum to pick the partially serviced car and on the way they had to face the break down stress, helplessness, time (waited for 4 to 5 hrs for a service vehicle help), and money wastage .
    After all this issues the service staff seems to be irresponsible and claims that, they are right and we (customer) and our car is the problem creator. After my questioning and clarification, I just confirmed Mr Vineeth’s full name and his position (which made him a bit angry), and also instructed him not to start any repairing as I need a clarification from the higher authority as the Ernakulum service centre looks irresponsible and non responding. Before I finished this words, he started to get angry and told that if I am going further for a clarification from the higher authority, he will just put my car a side and told me that complaint is not a big issue and asked me to go head with the complaint, as it doesn’t bother him . The attitude seems to be too arrogant and the tone provoked me and I asked him, as a reputed manager position, he should have calmed me instead of provoking me to go head with the complaint. After listening to me, he told me that he will react to the customer tone and no need to threaten him with the complaint.
    I was shocked with his response and I explained to him that as a customer, I have my rights to complaint and enquire, but as a service manager he should have done service recovery and solve the issue. I also question him, why I cant complaint as a customer, as I am the one who suffered, by the irresponsible service from the service centre and also am the one, who paid for all the unnecessary works. Followed by this, he told me that nothing can be sort out through phone and ask me to send somebody else (as am in Singapore)to see the problem and he finished the conversation .
    • My car, the model2003 was a good conditioned car, which we were very happy about .Within these nine years it has only covered nearly one lakh ten thousand kilometeres, which shows that we maintained it very well and only used for our personal use. My neighbours and friends always eyed our car, as it was maintained well and look good. Even Mahindra Kottayam service centre used to comment, that our car is the only conditioned and well maintained car from the first model batch, which comes there for services. My father who is very particular regarding the car maintained and took care of the vehicle as his own belonging. But now my car is left unattended and dumped in an irresponsible service centre.
    • On the very first day, the problem was identified by the brilliant staff Mr Deepu (currently not responding to the phone call, can be pressurised by the management). But the service centre treated different issues and changed the unnecessary parts and took the payment.
    • When my elderly father pick up the vehicle from the service centre he realised the same irritable sound when started the engine, as convinced by the service staff Mr Anu Ravi he had to, take the car back and travel nearly 65 km on the way back home and got breakdown and met the same issue. My elderly father in the hot sun had to face the problem, overcome the stress and money/time wastage.
    • My car was left unattended in a petrol pump, in an unfamiliar place for the whole night until the crain pull my car to Ernakulum service centre the next day. Through out this process my father, who took care of our car all the while as a family property, was in a stress.
    • Second time also we had to face the same irresponsible service staff and management who claims that all the underlining issues was because of our vehicle and they are perfect.
    • The service assistant manager, Mr Vineeth V.V after all this issues, seems to be very arrogant with irresponsible attitude and poor customer service and relationship; he intentionally provoked me to go head with the complaint. Feel pity towards the management who have posted him in a position to supervise others, where he himself needs a good supervision from the higher authority. This kind of person in a position can be shame for a company like Mahindra / TVs.
    As the Mahindra customer we always go back to the company service centre in a belive, that problems will be rectified and solved correctly, we also have spend the money and the time to get my things done perfectly. But due to this unexpected irresponsible service, our family has to face many issues. The car which is a personal use in my family, which includes my father(65 year old, heart patient with bypass done who requires medical emergency any time), my mother(60 years who has diabetes and hypertetion who also requires medical emergency any time), grand mother, 85 years old and my son 4 years old with my maid. As u can understand the vulnerable family are totally dependent on a car for all our personal and emergency travels. With the poor service, we are facing bad issues in our family. Currently we have rented a car for our personal use, which costs 750 rupees per day.
    Ernakulum customer service has estimated the repairing time nearly 2 months and the service charge as minimum 25 to 30 thousand. If this is going to be the case can u imagine how much I have to pay in total? Only because of the Ernakulum service centre poor service I and my family had to go through this phase.
    I request the higher authority to trace the problem and clarify the issue and come to the conclusion as soon as possible to sort my case .Also need an apologue and clarification from Ernakulum service centre management. Meanwhile I require a supporting service (car or rental payment from the company). I am hopping and believing that Mahindra will take a necessary step and sort out this issue as soon as possible, as my car is left unattended currently.
    Thank you for the support and hoping for the best
    Bobin Devasia son of P.K. Devasia

  • Sa
      3rd of Jan, 2013
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    SIR MY
    MERA MOB NO-7631707621, 9431028750

  • Ra
      4th of Feb, 2013
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    I have purchase a mahindra scorpio Vehical no:KA-50 M-5945
    i done my Vehical service from indian garage at peenya, i am not able to open & Close the door by using remote, i have address this problem to Indian Garage service center several times but till it is not rectified.
    Kindly look after the issue & rectify the problem at earliest.
    your immediate response will be highly appreciated.

    Ramesh. Y.H
    Mobile No : 9845161286
    Email : [email protected]

  • Ve
      27th of Mar, 2013
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    dear sir/madam,

    while the local mechanic removed to change the battery my cars immobiliser got reset.
    i am unable to start my car for more than 9 days.
    i tried calling your customer care, no go.
    please help me by providing the appropriatecontact persons number.
    i am from chennai, guindy.
    please assist
    my contact number is 9600450748.pls drop the contact persons number.

  • Mo
      6th of Dec, 2013
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    When we switch on the engine voice message is coming up 'attention engine over heat' and followed by that engine will switch off automatically but the temperature is normal.Please advice me what to do?We are from Trivandrum and my Scorpio at Palany mahindra service station last 7 days.but they cannot find the trouble.Your immediate response will be highly appreciated. Mohanan.P.S .Mobile No.8606392386. [email protected]

  • Pr
      29th of Oct, 2015
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    I have a 2011 model Scorpio Automatic which was purchased in December 2011. Now it is nearing 4 year completion. For the last 4 months, the vehicle is put in Service Center atleast 2 times a month. The issue is vehicle will not move with AC on. Without AC while driving, if the brake is applied, it will take a lot of time to get back to 80 Km speed. If I try to accilarate, thick black smoke is coming out. I have changed almost all the parts including the Turbo. Service center keeps billing me for all these, but still there is no progress. What should I do now ??????

  • Ra
      3rd of Aug, 2016
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    Hello Team,

    I purchase mahindra Scorpio 2012 model on year 2012, i really enjoy the ride of Scorpio, it is very joy-able experience. since jan-2016 we have an issue on chassis and need to change the same, i am from chhatisgar raigarh where we don't have service centre.

    Could you please suggest where we can change the chassis, it will be great help if proviede the details with original chassis price.

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