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poor service by dealer/workshop

I have been getting my XYLO serviced at Koncept Motor NOIDA for last year, the service provided by dealer is pathetic. They do not even clean properly the car during service.
Brief of problem I faced

. first service Rear bumper damaged
. Could not repair faulty in locking systems after three attempts they sent the vehicle to Koncept Okhla Delhi.
.third n last free service they damaged again front bupmer.

It seems that this dealer is lacking in skilled resources to handle the vehicle. Can some body from mahindra look into to save the image of brand.

Horrible service being render to NOIDA customer by Koncept.


sushil bhardwaj ([protected])

sushil.[protected] or [protected]

XYLO E4 NO HR26 AX 5025


I dont know whether this complaint would mean any thing to those who take action against the erring staff but still I would like to put before you the rustic way these people behave which prevents an individual from buying mahindra product.

I visited the show room at Jabalpur once and twice at their outlet at Damoh(Madhya Pradesh). Wanted to buy XYLO E4 in either diomond white or FieryBlack( I gathered from internet that these two colours are available in E4)

I was requested by the staff at Damoh to speak to Mr. Vijay on his number [protected]. The so called man not only gave me a wrong price quote but also stooped to slangish words when I asked him to deliver fiery black. He suggested me to buy XYLO from Internet only.

Let me mention here that in contrast to this The Maruti people takes care of their customers with personal repeated response till they are satisfied.

I request that a copy of this complaint must be sent to the higher authorities of the Mahindra Group so that they may have the idea of the fact that despite producing a good product why the fail to compete with Maruti or other similar names

Rashmi Jeta


hii... i just wanted to give u a suggestion to improve ur car... on the front glass... innova are having a slope mirror which will create a nice affect on the care where as scorpio isnt having a slope kind of mirror and it looks kind of a jeep...coz in highway driving above 100 spd...its a bit tough to drive coz of the air it gives a pressure to the car and in cuttings its really tough if u compare to innova car..just decrease the bannet of the car... and increase the mirror in return...if u wld do that then the car wld really be one among the best cars..this is my suggestion to the mahindra company

Mrs.Swathi Reddy

avrage and starting problem

dear sir i Faraz Ahmad purchased a mahindra flyte as on 15.02.2010 as per Invoice no. 172 with alliance automotives (p) ltd. 17, bhopal house lalbagh, lucknow-01 .
I have a problem with it as starting and avrage . several time i complaint on phone [protected], [protected], but their is no responce and no care .
so please do some thing against my complaint regarding mahindra flyte as soon as possiable.
thanking you.
with regard
DATED 15.02.2010

Pathetic After sales service

”The Great Sri Durga Automobiles”
New Delhi

1. Poor service provided.
2. Harassment due to prolonged time delay.
3. false commitments.
4. Complete lackadasical attitude towards customer.
5. Pathetic sense of belonging./ responsability.
6. Poor feedback system.
7. your vehicle after sales service stinks.
8. Cheats : never will they address the complete problem.
9. Everything is replace nothing to repair.
10. Cheats: will return vehicle half done.
11. Will be least concerned about the safety and trouble u might face due to the vehicle failure.
12. Will perform tasks without customers knowledge.
13. Intake of vehicles is much much more than they can handle.
thankyou for ur patient reading and time.
if u facing similar problem with the dealer, please go back home and relax as it might give u a heart problem solving or trying to move their hearts.
Nothing but a bunch of incompetents.

  • Da
    Dalip sharma Apr 28, 2015

    We have a mahindra Scorpio SUV top model car, purchase dec 2011 but till now my Scorpio look not aceptable, My SUV Rh side door rusty start on door garnish and all graphic convert to dark browenesh. Please look my car complaint and maintain product quality so company image maintain

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very bad service, improper response


Over charging & unnecessary change of parts


I had bought a Scorpio in June 2007 and since then I have been happy with the vehicle, however not happy with the dealer ( Koncept automobile Pvt Ltd, Noida), which incidentaly also has service centre. My experience in terms of car service has always been shabby with this dealer. Today I went to the service station to get my vehicle serviced. I told them to get the following stuff done - Brake and clutch noise repair, back door jamming / hardness, driver seat window failure and power window control panel coming off, nozel adjustment, Air conditionary cooling check.

In the afternoon to my surprise i get a call from the advisor stating their is a requirement for change of brake shoe / pads and some drum has also got spoilt. I asked him if it is really necessary to get these changed as my memory was telling me that I have been changing brake pads in every servicing. He gave me all the reasons required to change these. On his words I asked him to change the same. There was whole lot of stuff along with these that got changed which were very costly. The total parts realted to brakes worked out to be around 12000.

Now coming to the most important part of my complaint. This dealers had charged me a total labour cost of Rs 4550 including paid service of Rs 1300, rest is as follows - Consumable - Rs 100, Brake pad & disc change - Rs 750, Brake shoe change - Rs 750, Drum Turning - Rs 900, Hand brake cable change - Rs 300 and last but not the least Rer shocker change - Rs 450.

I have only one question to ask to this dealer - Does money grow on trees and are these charges prescribed by Mahindra. For what have they charged me paid service fees of Rs 1300, just for washing the car. Do they have separate labour charges for each of the activity which is realted to only one function - Brakes. The total bill presented to me was Rs 24809 after giving me a discount of 10 % on service charges after I raised hue and cry. Also to quote the incharge of service advisor gave me this discount as if he was doing a favour to me.

God knows whether this grievance of mine would reach to any senior official of Mahindra, but still I wanted my fellow owners of Mahindra to know about this high handedness of this dealer.

Shashank Bhargava
Contact No - [protected]

  • Mo
    molty Jun 03, 2014

    what happened to the above complaint was it resolved, was the company contacted & what was the final outcome

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  • Mu
    MuTuu KumaRan Apr 12, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do facing same kind of issue from Sireesh Auto Pvt ltd Blore... All dealers are same.

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  • Ab
    Abhilash BG Jul 23, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too had bad experience with Sireesh, Bangalore. They over charged and replace parts unnecessarily and owner not allowed inside to see whats happening. Have to believe what ever they say and pay the bill. Spares of old model not available, there is lot of delay in minor work getting done and many remain undone. They are careless and dont keep even a pen drive or any tool set inside the car. I lost it. Scared of going to showroom for servicing post free services. Happily getting done for lesser and prompt service outside from local garage

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Not Giving Proper Service

dear madem,

I am naresh ku. Verma from rourkela, orissa, india. I regret
you to a big problem with my mahindra duro two wheeler.

The Problems are :-
- my engine touches the bumper when there is two person in vehicle.
- Secondly, my back rear wheel is not in middle.
- no milage.

This is the second complain two you because your
dealer, manager, etc.
they are not giving any responces to me only they are
doing fraud with me telling tommorow-today, 10 days-5days.
not giving me a proper service my 1st complain no. is can short-out this problem in your database.
I have not seen that bad proper service to people.and
the language how your staff talks.

If you don't help me or not-shortout of this problem i
have to do a consumer case.


My Contact : +[protected]
And my Name Is : Naresh Ku. Verma

gearbox and spares

i have purchased a mahindra scropio vlx 8 months back, i have asked for a bonnet stiker & vlx monogram for my suv for last 6 months and have even paid for it 6 months ago but till date i have been waiting for it and listen for excuses .also i have some problem from the gear box at cold starts my first gear slips and when i approached the srevice center i was told that this is a regular complaint and u r not a special one, so try to live with it and then left alone .if paying a sum of rs 9.5lacs is having no value for mahindra then its better to shut all the service and sales points all over india, at least no one will feel cheated

  • Bh
    Bhupinder Paul Singh NOTTA Mar 31, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hello sir good day i have purchased mahindra xylo i 2010 june it change propeller shaft center bearing and cross bearing at 20000 km and 28000 km chop front tyre in side suppose to it happen in 100000km your gurntee limits not comlete and how u make standers and compare with forigen quality and standards we pay full price.but u no care u see the other company toyota and bmw nissian take care the responsibility i am not happy with u. PLS REPLY SOON

    Bhupinder Paul Singh NOTTA
    Mandeep NOTTA

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manufacturing defect

i brought a logan last year and from then i am facing this problem of tyre whare n tear in almost 20000kms all four of my tyres are almost finished on the outer sides this problem is with front tyres only i have rotated the tyres on 10000kms as they were very much teard but after runing my car 10000kms more the new tyres from back also got teard n was in the same conditon and worst of all to stop this i did allignments for about ten times all were paid by me 5 were done in the mahindra authorised service station and rest five were done on private places and that i had to do just beacause the mahindra people themselves told me to do so as i was not getting any results by there allignments but no result allingment is very ok now car drives fine n study gives a mileage of about 20km/ltr on diesel in city conditons as well as on highway space in car is too gud very comfortable to drive n long drives good outside view engine strenght and power is also impressive the only problem i am facing with this car is of this tyre whare and tear which i think is a manufacturing defect as its not bien solved after so much of efforts and sum noices in the dashboard n doors and a hard power steering ...


Not working properly

Dear Sir,

I purchased Mahindra Flyte bearing engine no. PIE BB 202729 & chasis no. PIF BB 202715 from City Automobiles Pathankot vide sale invoice no. 153 dated 19/3/09 in favour of R.U. Enterprises, Old Sabzi Mandi, Dhangu Road, Pathankot for my bussiness purpose as I am lady and as per your ads I find that this a good 2-wheeler with self start for city roads.

But last 2 months this flyte is not working properly as its self is not working properly and I have to engage someone to start it by using kick in market and I have send this vehicle four times in last week to your workshop situated at city automobiles.

But this flyte is not working today and lying unused at my residence.

You are requested to repaire it properly and satisfy me regarding its performance in next 4 days otherwise on coming Monday i.e., on 30th Nov. 09 I am submitting a letter regarding my complaint to consumer redresal form Pathankot.

Gita Sood
( [protected])
R.U. Enterprises
Old Sabzi Mandi, Dhangu Road,
Pathankot -145001

  • Ra
    raviteja udumudi Apr 16, 2010

    myself also same regarding on self start, its really worst performance, wasting so much of time and becoming dead for a long time . Dealer is saying no problem

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  • Ka
    KARTHItex Feb 09, 2012


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ON 30/07/2008 I had purchased one SUV of Mahindra Co (Bolero SLX) chassis no MA1PS2GAK82E37154 and engine no GA84E27124 from Industrial Farm Equipment G S Road Guwahati-5 Kamrup(Assam). At the time of delivering the vehicle, the dealer concerned handed over to me only one key of the vehicle, stating that only one key is being provided with each vehicle, so they are unable to hand over a second (duplicate) key to me. So, being a customer of a reputed company, I want to know, whether the company really provide only one key with each vehicle or provides a second key each with each vehicle which is not being handed over to me till date. I want this clarification at the most earliest for safety and security.

  • Ka
    karthik 3636 Apr 18, 2011

    thats not correct.
    mahindra provides 2 keys (1key and 1 remote key).
    they might have lost the key and to skip from the problems they are simply saying that company provides only one keys. the dealers of mahindra worst of all. they won't respond perfectly to the customer.

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  • Ja
    Jai1168 Oct 03, 2014

    I am a Scorpio owner for the past 5 years and would like to tell others to think a number of times before purchasing a vehicle from Mahindra. High maintenance, Horrible after sales and expensive spares make it a nightmarish proposition. Mahindra service centres are like vultures, waiting for the carrion (vehicles) to come in. They'll make you lighter by a few ten thousands every time you approach them. And every time you get the vehicle back, there's a new problem that stings you. I have already shelled out a few lakhs in just 5 years of running. And I have done barely 40, 000 kms. All my parts have undergone surgery. My air-con unit has gone back and forth, twice. And I have already changed the entire unit (worth 25, 000 Rs). And I have always gone with genuine parts. Genuine?

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service and information

wanted to buy a mahindra jeep and wanted info. Went to the web site. Relevant page not opening. Went tocontact info. Called the number. Got voice recording that number had changed .Called that number togive feed back of website not opening and to tell them to update changed number. Operator transfereed me without listening. Phone kept ringing. No one picked up. Called again and told operator to hear me through. She did nt and started shouting at me.I told her not to shout and please listen to me. She didnt. Then I managed to get a number for HR. Mr. Manish picked up. gave me number of HR manager. Ria Balsara. he transferred me back to Sandra DSouza, operator.She laughed and asked me to try my luck at Kandivali office. I called Miss Ria, HR manager(?). she heard me through, said, she would take necessary action. I asked her to give me a number that would give info on buying a jeep. She gave me a number.I called the person. Mr. vaibhav Pagdare (?) informed me he was on leave and he was HR and he knew nothing about jeeps or sales and he knew no one whom I could contact regarding the same.I called back Ria. She gave me number of Suchita, head secretary. She was out for lunch. I called back Ria. She gave me Kandivali board number. Kandivali board did not pick up the phone. So I tried calling back Ria. She did not pick up the phone. So I called Ria from my wife's phone. She picked up the phone. She took my number and promised to call back as soon as she found out where a customer could buy a Mahindra jeep. She was aslo kind enough to inform me that this being the corporate office, she knew nothing about jeeps. So where do their wages come from? I as a customer hate being a nuisance in disturbing the officers of this 6 billion dollar conglomerate in their very busy schedule, but hey, I thought, I will just go out and buy a jeep. Anybody tell me an address? Mr. Mahindra? Where do I try my luck?

overheat problem

i brought scorpio on [protected], from sri durga automobiles 55, rama road, new delhi-110015, dealer code ;so11591. now am getting problem of overheat in this vechile scorpio, even i complained twice there but nobody had to come check my vechile i complained on 8-9-2009 .they said some meter problem when i went there and they said they vll change in few days but till no one has come almost 1 month finish it off . if u people vll give like this service to your customer then think who vll bel've on u and ur products its ur duty to satisfy ur customer am not happy with ur service n with this vechile . thanks alot for giving me this type of service. ITS MY HUMBLE REQUEST U TO SOLVE MY PROBLEM.

SERIAL NO-[protected]
ENGINE NO-[protected]
DATE OF SALE-[protected]

from- bhupinder shokeen,
cont num-[protected], [protected]
add-mangol pur kalan delhi-110085

  • Ma
    manu r nair Nov 21, 2009

    instrument cluster changed in under warranty on 13/10/ there is no complint in the vehicle

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replace of spares part

tht i m owner of scoripo whose engine no han4d15287 & chasie no maita2han92d28260 i purchased the saidvehicle on 7th of may 2017 in the name of nadeem anjum, , sir my car was incdentlybroke down since lasts some days back, i thn i placed my car at your authorised workshop under the name of chowdhary motrs jammu, , , now i confirmed tht the said dealer replaced the geniune parts...
sir it is request tht please may take proper action as early as possible on your end, , ,
i am very frustated tht above service
my contact no is [protected], , [protected]

  • Ka
    kariror Mar 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is with reference to accidental repair of my Scorpio @ Sterling Motors Gurgaon, I would hereby like to inform you that in spite of spending huge amount of Rs. 2, 20, 000/-, my car is performing like a 10 - 15 year old vehicle. I am really pissed off because of the quality of the service.

    The Vehicle was repaired under the supervision of a guy Prashant who I believe is a 100% incapable of handling even a small Job. In-spite of giving him 3 good chances he could not give me a quality service.

    The Problems which are still there from day one of getting my vehicle after the repair.

    1. Alignment issue - Vehicle turning right while applying breaks

    2. Heavy vibration over & above speed of 70 km/hr.

    3. Uncomfortable Ride

    4. Noise of some part hitting the bottom of ground during heavy traffic congestion.

    5. Rear Door Noise @ speed of 30 -40 km/hr. It seems there is a major issue in rear suspension.

    6. Heavy Dust on Front Blower.

    7. Heavy Noise of Blower on speed of 2, 3, 4

    Pl. help in getting this thing resolved immediately.

    Rajinder Kariro
    Managing Director
    Concepts & Solutions Event Services Pvt Ltd

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  • Su
    Sukhpreet Singh Nov 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    1. M/s Raj Vehicles Private Limited,
    Through its Managing Director,
    Hira Bag, Rajpura Road,

    2. The In-charge,
    Area Office,
    Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd,
    SCO No. 17, Sector 26-D,
    Madhya Marg,

    3. M/s Goel Motors (P) Ltd.,
    Through its General Manager,
    Plot No. B-55, Phase VI,
    Industrial Area, Opp. Verka Milk Plant,
    Mohali (Punjab)

    Sub: Manufacturing defect of Mahindra Scorpio VLX Serial No.B2B23006 with Engine No. HAB4B12245, Chassis No. MAITA4HANB2B23006 purchased vide Invoice No. BMPL/0027/11-12 dated 06.04.2017.


    Your kind attention is drawn to the above subject and I hereby place the following for your consideration.

    1.The above mentioned Mahindra vehicle was purchased by the undersigned on 06.04.2017 from addressee No. 1 against payment of Rs. 10, 21, 688/-. In fact the undersigned was lured to purchase this vehicle on account of wide publicity made by the addressee No.2 on behalf of M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Limited with regard to the finance facility, quality and functioning of the vehicle as claimed by them.

    2. That after delivery of the vehicle, the undersigned got the same registered with the Registration Authority at SAS Nagar, Mohali by spending requisite amount. Besides that the Insurance was also got done on payment of huge premium of Rs. 26, 597/- to the Insurance Company. The accessories were also got affixed against payment of huge amount with an intention to use the vehicle for personal purpose only.

    3. That during the careful use and driving of vehicle after purchase, the undersigned took the same to M/s Goel Motors (P) Ltd, Mohali, addressee No. 3 for first service as per the schedule given in the booklet. While entering the premises some check engine light was noticed in the cluster meter and the same was brought immediately to the notice of Service Advisor/Engineer of addressee No. 3, who had accepted the vehicle for first service. The vehicle was attended to by one Mr. Rohit Bhalla, Service Advisor of addressee No. 3 who after undertaking all the requisite tests, observed and found that there was noise in the engine and finally concluded that there was manufacturing defect in the same. The addressee No. 3 however retained the vehicle for further check up by the Company Engineer likely to visit the workshop in the near future.

    4. That on account of Deepawali and other important festivals the undersigned did not visit the addressee no. 3 but talked to their Service Engineers and others over telephone and advised them to get him the refund of entire value of the vehicle along with other expenses incurred by him but to no avail.

    5. That now the vehicle is stationed in the premises of addressee no. 3 since 24.10.2017 and no call has been received from the above named addressees No. 1 to 3 with regard to the final check up by the Company Engineer and refund of the value of the vehicle to the undersigned. The manufacturing defect in such a high value vehicle is simply an unfair trade practice and deficiency on the part of the addresses No. 1 & 2.

    You are hereby requested to please arrange to refund a sum of Rs. 10, 21, 688/- along with the Registration charges, the charges incurred for Insurance of the vehicle and other payments made by the undersigned towards affixation of accessories etc in the vehicle within seven days from the receipt of this letter otherwise I will be forced to approach the consumer court for the redressal of my complaint.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    Dated: -11-2017
    (Sukhpreet Singh)
    s/o Farmesh Singh
    r/o House No. 1650,
    Phase V, Mohali.
    91- 9814067650

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  • A5
    a:5 Mar 11, 2013

    Vehicle Booked Date : 11 Feb 2017 (Mahindra Scorpio VLX Rs 75, 000/- advance Paid)
    Loan HDFC Rs 10, 00, 000/- also release order given to dealer end of Feb month.
    Till date Vehicle not delivered, tell some stories. Purchase order No 4202 dt 11 Feb 2017. Next loan due on 05 Mar 2017.
    This is Very bad. You are a big company your activity is not satisfactory.
    In Past experience (More than 5 Bolero purchased from same dealer) also failed, this time.

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  • Ta
    Tapinder Singh Jun 17, 2013

    I am Tapinder Singh from Paonta Sahib, Distt. Sirmaur, H.P. Recently I had purchased Scorpio vlx micro hybrid from Snowview Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. Bata Pul, Nahan Road, Sirmaur, H.P. on 6 Feb, 2017. I am facing technical problems related to sensors of my vehicle. Also there is problem in dickie and engine pipes of the vehicle. Despite of my 3-4 complaints and 2 checkups the problem still persist. I am not at all happy with the service and vehicle. So, please either replace my vehicle or solve my queries as soon as possible. reply fast.
    My vehicle details are as follow:-
    Serial no. D2A21925
    Chassis no. :- MA1TA2MWND2A21925
    Engine no. :- MWD4A14941
    This is with respect to my previous mail. Please reply as soon as possible.

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material defect(clutch plate &pressure plate)

I m shambhu kumar from ranchi jharkhnd.I bought mahindra scorpio, model-Sle in the month of november 2008 a 7 months ago from NEXGEN dealer ship dhurwa Ranchi.four days before i had problem in the vehicle .vehicle was towed and brought to mahindra service centre where it was found clutch plate including pressure plate were badly worn was big surprised for me as total distance run was only 11800 km at that time.
i tried to convince there at service centre as well as dealer that vehicle was being handled by experienced driver having experienc of 15 years but they kept blaming me for brings me great surprise of happening such thing for new vehicle.i was paid highly for new clutch assembly.i m sure all material associated with clutch plate and pressure plate were defective and put whole blame to manufacturer . i request to look into this matter .

  • Ku
    kumarvehicle Apr 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We bought the 2009 Scorpio SLE brand new and all of a sudden there is a problem with the clutch plate. Very very dissatisfied . To make my experience worse, the shock absorber is also not tuned for light light (2 passenger load). When I asked the dealer they said to load the vehicle to 4-6 persons, unbelievable bull [censor]...

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Default Vehicle

I had purchased a Mahindra Scorpio VLS from G3 Motors, Nerul, Navi Mumbai on the 12th of June. I took the vehicle delivery with a defective starter motor. However, the same got rectified with a new starter motor on the next day by the dealership. ever since, my vehicle has been in and out of the G3 workshop on a weekly basis. The vehicle has hardly done 1200 kms. ( Mind you i got the vehicle delivered with the odo meter clocking 306 kms). that means i have not even run the vehicle for 1000 kms.

Last three weeks its been a harrowing experience with my NEW SCORPIO. After paying close to 10 lakhs for the new M Hawk Machine, it is proving to be a DUD Machine. The clutch of the vehicle has failed for the 5th time yesterday. This is despite the fact that each time it went to the dealership they had assured me that the problem has been sorted out completely. The last time it went to the workshop was on 28th June and i got the vehicle delivered to me at my house on 29th with a promise that the problem has been identified and rectified. But, to my dismay, the clutch gave up last night with my family in the car and stranded for help. It took almost an hour to gather my thoughts and get the damn vehicle moving and reach home.

I tried complaining to Mahindra and their response was someone will call me from the service dept. No one called me till now and i do not expect them to call me as well. The dealer ship people are on a high horse. They are least bothered about after sales and once the vehicle is sold their responsibility is over it this specific attitude piss me off. Fortunately, i understand the vehicle better than their service engineers. ( I am a test driver with one of the best known automotive companies in India).

I must also talk about some of the few good men in the dealership. They are genuine and wants to get my vehicle rectified. But they are not the one who are getting the vehicle done; so their knowledge about the mechanical parts of the vehicle is almost nil.

I am seriously planning to take Mahindra and G3 Motors to Consumer Court.

  • Su
    surinder singh dangi Mar 22, 2010

    I have purchased my dream vehicle SCORPIO M-HAWK on 13/3/10 fro m/s SRI MOHAN MOTORS, ROHTAK, HARYANA.
    I was surprised to see the attitude / behavior of the concerned persons in the agency. I was delivered the vehicle with following defects :-
    1. Electrical lead missing from under the dvr. Seat.
    2. Remote for audio sterio missing.
    3. No body at the agency new / not trained about the electronic sensors and equipments.
    4. Alloy wheels having tool marks as the tyres were already changed with another vehicle.
    5. Tool kit missing completely.
    6. Manual for audio missing.
    8. Last but not the least bill given was for 968000/- and the draft taken by my bankers was for 986000/-. Extended warranty of 2 years is 9999/- . where is my balance amount.
    When asked for the above difects the reason given was :-
    Somebody must have change these items, we will give you these items when we will receive another VLX scorpio for sale.

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Poor Delivery / Logistics Operations

To Mahindra Auto Team,
This is a very serious concern that I have regarding the delivery of vehicles and lack in transparency between Mahindra and TVS.

Earlier, last month, I had booked for the new Scorpio Vlx - D.White from the Cochin Showroom. Upon booking, the sales person (who I suppose is a reasonable person in this deal) enquired at Palaghat and assured delivery of the vehicle within 2-3 weeks. He mentioned that the vehicle would be ready, even before, but did not assure the same. But we were happy with the time 2-3 weeks. People usually plan things in advance based on the expectation. (In my family, we get a new car like say once in 10 years - just mentioned to tell you how much we learned about the vehicle and how much passionate we are about the vehicle that we get also mentioning how less experienced we are in dealing with Car dealers). I planned my leave accordingly and it got skipped twice now. And now, the Sales person mentions that he has got absolutely NO IDEA as to when the vehicle will be delivered. Doesn't that sound absurd? No complaints regarding the sales person, since he has not got the proper communication regarding how many vehicles will reach the yard and when he can promise the delivery.

Four people whom I know directly or not have cancelled their booking of the new Scorpio, just due to this delay. God knows how many more have cancelled it. You see, it's like telling a small kid that you will get him an ice cream while in the park, and keep delaying it. Finally when you get him at ice cream when he is back at home, he may even throw it back at your face.

I donot mean any personal offense to anybody, but I am sure that the system of delivery / your process of Transportation and Logistics of the vehicles is INCOMPLETE somewhere. Else, there would not be a case where Cochin office informed the Palaghat office that they had a requirement for 2 white Vlx vehicles and they instead get 2 black Sle vehicles. I came to know this, when the sales person told that " If it was a black Sle, they could have delivered".

You see, I am not telling that Scorpio is the complete SUV, but for the price, it's a good deal and that's why many people opt for the car. But if you try to compromise the service that the company giveswith the quality of the car, you could start loosing a lot of valuable customers, especially at this time when the competition is high. Again, I am not cancelling the deal anyway. But I know 1 person who booked for a D.White Scorpio, cancelled it due to the delay, booked a Pearl white Tata Safari and is riding it around in town as I write this. See, most people don't really know a lot about engineering and vehicles. You delay one masterpiece in engineering to them, they but another piece (may be not a masterpiece). After all it's their money and they choose. Please don't loose out customers like this, if you really care for the company.
There is an expectation set for such a customer when you see the vehicle in front. But, once you don't get the vehicle, this dies down. The Eagerness is killed and the Thrill is lost.1 unhappy customer means a lot of wasted business.

Being a well-wisher for the vehicle and the company, I request you to look into this issue, find out a solution and if necessary you may even contact me. I would be obliged to give you my views and possible solution, in case there is a problem.

  • Ma
    Manoj May 27, 2009

    It has been almost two months now that I booked a Vlx model at TVS Trichur with a promise of delivery within two weeks. Now it is more than two months with no favourable reply from either the dealer or the company. Surprisingly the draft on loan amount has been passed and the first instalment due soon. Have even booked a fancy no. with the deadline of getting registered coming close. Mahindra has to improve a lot on customer care and open up with the custmers to keep in business... don't know what lies with its new venture Tech Mahindra...Hope it doesn't end up like Satyam!!!

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  • Su
    suburi May 16, 2010

    I am Deepak Ranjan Sahu, from Angul, Orissa booked a Scorpio spl edition vide receipt No. 165 in the date 16.04.10 at Utkal Automobile Ltd. Bhubaneswar. As the sales manager committed me that i will get the vehicle on 17th May but he was wrong. Still I have not got the vehicle, but now the sales manager says you will get that after 25th May.

    So it is only the waste of time . If I book a car for my continence and for the delay of the vehicle i am suffering, then why should I purchase the Vehicle. So this is the request letter for the Mahindra company to deliver my vehicle as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards

    Deepak Ranjan Sahu

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  • Ge
    GERARD ANTHONY Apr 07, 2011


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  • Mi
    michael hasan Sep 19, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am Lawrence Michael choudary, my mahindra scorpio vlx car no is ka 20-p-0028 i purchased from karnataka
    Agnecis from manglore, my car being on accident and i put my car to repair for karnataka agnecis manglore, iput repair for car already passaway 5 month and they didnt touch yet, i purchase 3 scorpio from karnatka agnencis since when scorpio arrived, for me they are doing like this type of harassment, not repairing only keep the car, even they didnt touch, i have put bank installment 17000 per month, with out my car and no problem from my side insurance also is there i put advance money also insurance company also agreed for repair but why they are doing like that i dont know, so please take action,
    Thank you
    my cell no is 9901771234

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Sreering Wheel wobbling

The scorpio, which am driving now is my second scorpio. i bought my first scorpio in 2004 & bought new version of scorpio in the very first week of it's launch in 2005. Ever since i bought the new version i am facing a problem of wobbling of steering wheel starting [protected]@ 80 Kms. Every time at the time of servicing of the said vehicle, i lodge the said complaint at Bhasin Motors. it has been nearly 2 years but the problem of the wobbling of steering wheel has not been rectified. Am forced to take this complaint of mine to the consumer court.

It is a big deterrent factor for me to recommend Scorpio to anyone.

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