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Citroen reviews & complaints

Citroen complaints 18

Citroen - Window regulator

Hi I have a Citroen C5 2014 with 30, 000 miles on the clock and about a month ago the drivers side window regulator broke so window would not open I had this replaced by Citroen nearly £500 it cost now the same thing has happened to the passenger side these parts should not fail in such a short period of time it looks like the parts were faulty and should be replaced free of charge as you cannot miss use opening the window

Desired outcome: To be replaced at my local Citroen dealer

Citroen - Critical spare part availability

Dear Sir / Madam, I own a Citroen C5 with chassis number: VF7RD6FYC54027264 the date of the license being 15/12/2008. I purchased the car in brand new condition from an authorized dealer in...

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Citroen - Citroen C4 Car's paint over

I have a Citroen c4 VTR car and although my car is a 2006 model, it has remained in paint all over the car, even though it has no accident and was not exposed to high heat. My vehicle looks even worse than other very old cars. Why does the color Bordeaux occur in burgundy when there is no such problem in other color cars of Citroen?

Please help about this painy problem?

Cigdem Akdeniz (owner of car)

Citroen - service costs, lack of professionalism, time spent

I am contacting You directly because i have no other sollution. On the Comapany's Website is no Email adress for the Garage, for the Reception Desk or for general Enquaires. I have contacted on Email...

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Citroen - repairs to my new ds5 not completed since march 2019 to date.

I took my new DS5 for service during march 2019, and after that I experienced that it stopped upruptly while driving, I took it back and requested them to check the fault, I was told it was the...

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Citroen - new car

I bought the Citroen C4 Cactus in June 2016, after 2months the stop and go did not work, the car has been in numerous times till the problem was sorted. It came back again with the stop and go not working. On return to have it fixed I was told the Radiator is leaking, it was replaced, car still faulty so they kept it in. The they said the cylinder needs to be replaced, if problem persist, the engine will need to be replaced. On the 26 September my car has been in the workshop for 5 months. They have provided me with a rental for with I get charged handling fees for every traffic fine they transfer on to me name, the handlings fees come out more than my traffic fines. I pay the bank every month plus car insurance for a car i last drove in on the 25 April 2018.
I was sold the rotten apple in there basket.

Citroen - time taken to repair car under warranty & recall for faults not of our causing

Our Citreon Cactus had a "repair engine - service" message come up when we traveled 200 miles to Bath on 25/7/18. We rang Hartwell Citreon Garage on the Newbridge road in Bath to see if they thought...

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Citroen - Xsara car

Hi Citroën Management, I have Citroen Xsara 2001 manual. four weeks a go it was no starting, and after checking the battery, I found that the problem with the dynamo. I charged the battery and took it to the Citroen agency in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. after two or three days they called me that everything in the car is ok, it needs only new dynamo. I told them ok please install new dynamo and I'll pay. after tens of follow up and phone calls they told me that the car electricity became crazy, and the right signal light is always working and left one is not working. I told them you created this problem because it was not there when you receive the car from me. they told me that we are unable to find the root cause of the problem and can not resolve it, and advised me to repair it outside. till now after one month the car still not running and the problem that they created still there and no one can resolve it. I can not believe how a big and international company like Citroen deal with their customer with this very very low level of quality. this Riyadh agency is horrible in everything, communications, professionality, experience ...etc. they do not want to work. they are very lazy, just imagine that they took around two weeks to replace that dynamo and create another problem. as a customer I am vey disappointed and I am expecting immediate corrective actions. thank you and sorry for long message. Mohammad Gaber

Citroen - Petrol Pump still leaking

In December 2013, I bought a Petrol Pump of value R.3400, the dealer Citroen had to fit it as its needs a special tool, in January 2014 I discovered that the pump was still leaking and I went to shaw them. The car was taken in for service, when I picked the car it was set all was sorted. Few days I checked and find that it was steal leaking. I went back in 01 December 2014 at 08h00, they attempted to fix the car and broke the Petrol and I was informed that I would get the car the following day around 12h00pm, they transported me home . the following day 02/12/2014, I checked in front of their driver and I told him that the Pump is still leaking. Pls help me get them to fix my car.

Citroen - Service / Quality

Citroen is without a doubt the worst vehicle I have ever bought. I bought a pre-owned Citroen DS3, in warranty, just over a year ago, and the car has been more at the dealer, than it has been with...

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Citroen - ignoring the customer

I bought the Citroen DS4 HDi 160 Sport at McCarthy Citroen Garage in East Rand on 12/09/2011. After a few days I discovered that my car is faulty. I made appointment with McCarty Workshop for the date of 29/09/2011. When I arrived there I find out that the technician could not help me because they have not the necessary software. New appointment has been set up for 11/10/2011 and from that date the car was already eight times for repair in McCarthy Workshop for the period of one up to two weeks for every repair. Each time my car came back after repair from the Workshop, I found that one problem was fixed up then other appeared. From the reason of long distance between my accommodation and McCarthy Workshop as well as the tests after each repairing the milage grew very fast. At present the car has < 9000 km on the clock from which maybe I drove half of that. This car is not any more the Citroen made in France but it is some folding in South Africa. From five weeks the car is again in Citroen S.A Workshop and, I'm still waiting for solving the problem. Regard to information from Miss Jermaine Wood, (Customer Relations Supervisor) the "best Specialists" from Citroen S.A. were working on it and in according to my knowledge the car is still out of order. Citroen S.A. in the meantime rented for me a Toyota Corolla 1.6 basic version (I'm still paying R6500 every month for the luxury car) just to silence me. My demanding of exchange the faulty car for the new one or the repayment of my money was totally ignored. As a result of the existing situation I asked for help my lawyer which sent an e-mail to Mr. Chris Beukes (General Manager of Citroen S.A.) asking him for assist in this matter. Unfortunately to this time he didn't receive any reply.

The WORST bunch of people EVER. Nevermind the Ombudsman that cites an indecisive notion and regard it as final. Then get Citroen SA to tell me I cannot take them to court as the Ombudsman already decided on their lying as undecisive, making it a final lawful decision I cannot contest in court. HOW PATHETIC. The ombudsman is most probably being funded by these creeps and decide on their behalf. NOT EVEN ONCE giving thought on the whole process. So sick of the pathetic bunch of people I want to die.

Good luck with your issues.

I had the same thing with our Peugeot 207 CC and dealt with the same people.
They were terrible and not interested.
you should also post this on hello-peter.
Out of interest they even serviced our car - said it was fixed, only for it to break down twice - and it turns out that they didn't service it - thought they filled in the log book as they had - the worst service in history and the worse cars to get in South Africa - as a result.

Citroen - Sold completely defective vehicle

In August 2009, I purchased a 1996 Land Rover Discovery from the dealership, dealt with by sales executive Mr. Rudi Janse Van Vuuren.

1.The vehicle was 1 week late in being delivered due to work still being done in the workshop. The details given were that the vehicle was being serviced as well as steering pipe repairs.
2.The vehicle, once delivered, was found to be overheating significantly, and completely seized while on holiday. I had it towed to the nearest workshop for repairs. I was informed that the vehicle needed an exceptionally good service, indicating that this was not done by the establishment as promised in (1).
3.After receiving the vehicle back, the engine cut again, resulting in being sent from one workshop to an auto electrician, and subsequently to Land Rover dealers in PMB, I have been advised that the vehicle will require at least 30-40 hrs repair work and in excess of R30000.
4.Despite calls and letters, no reponse from the dealer.
I have had littleno drive time. I feel that the vehicle has been sold to me unethically, and that I have been victimised in the sale. What can I dosteps can be taken?

I took my car to Citroen on Wednesday, 23 September 2009 becuase there was a funny noise on my car that I did not understand. In fact this was not the first time I took my car to Citroen Menlyn for the same problem. On Wednesday in the afternoon when I went to citroen menly to get my car, I was told that they noise that they found on my car was made by the tyres. I found their response not satistying because that was totally different from what i heard and for that matter the noise was still there and did not disappear. This meant that they did not do anything to my car they just thought the noise was made by the tyres. I took my car back to ciroen menly again on tuesday, 29 September 2009 because the noise was diturbing me so much that I could bear it. You know what they did this time they couldnt even look or check my car, i was told that I should change the tyres of my car becuase they are worn out and they create the noise they i was complaining about. The technician who was handling my car was so rude that he told me to take my car somewhere else if I dont understand him. His Manager also came with an atitude that i was confused and dont know what i was talking about.

Have a 2007 C3hdi citroen. Wanted to buy a new car due to the expensive services... I still owe 91K on the car and citroen wants to give me 55K for it... I will never get rid of this piece of stool!

We purchased a brand new Citroen C1 from Citroen Centurion only to find out in hind site that the vehicle's paint is damaged.

This dealer refuses to exchange the vehicle for a new unit, so we have to pay up but does not have a new car. Look very carefully before you sign.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citroen - Gearbox defects - wolrse car ever

Dear All,

I bought a Citroen C4 1.6, model 2006 when I was living in Qatar 4 years ago. The car ran smoothly during the 1st 5, 000 Km, during which one time it was recalled for a software update by the agency. Then after started triping by returning the gear to safe mode. I took it to the agency and they said it requires a change of the valve body. I did the changes and then it happened that I must move to Saudi Arabia for a new opportunity. I shipped the car while it was 8, 000 Km on the metter. I used the car in Jeddah for another 2, 000 Km then again the car started triping whith the same problem. I took it to the agency in Saudi to check out and there they adviced me to change the gear. I agreed and paid in cash for a new gearbox. I drove the car for another 300 KM and the car trippied again. the transmission oil leaked out and the the timing belt of the engine defaulted. Now I have a car with 18, 000 Km siting at my parking bay. It requires changes and funds more than its real market value. Did Citroen made this car to run for almost 18, 000 KM. This is the worse car t0 buy ever.

Citroen - Shoddy service&customer relations

I own two Citoen Berlingo s and have been expieriencing ongoing problems with oxygen sensors. both of my vehicles were worked on in October 2009 & the problems persisted. When i approached the previous dealer(Bedfordview) in late November I was informed that all spare parts had been withdrawn and that Iwould need to make contact in January 2010. In Jan I was informed that there had been a take over and that I now had to deal with McCarthy Peugeot East Rand.

I have had endless problems with both the branch and the customer care departments, regarding service and the continuing oxygen sensor problem and both vehicles are being damaged as well as having extremely bad fuel consumption.

The whole matter is simply to drawn out and complicated to deal with in an e-mail and any help in resolving the problem would be most appreciated as I have not been able to reach anyone in senior management

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citroen - malfunction

Dear Sir
I bought a Citroen car C4 1600 cc from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia model 2006 on the last days of Jan. 2006. Chassis No. [protected] & motor no. 2782820. It was very good but after 2 years it stopped & I changed the aboubinp. When I came back to Egypt; my country of origin, a lot of problems occur. First, I have to change fuses box since about 6 Mns., then after one month, I have to change the pump for the power steering. Then, the air-condition is out of function & they said they have to change the coil of the air condition. Now the car did not complete 4 years & only it makes 69, 000 Km. Is this the normal to change all of these things in 4 years??? I have before Nissan Sunny in which I did not change anything for 12 years until I sold it just because it is old. Please tell me if this is usual as I spent a lot of time & money every now & then.
I send this e-mail to your agent in Saudi Arabia, they said that you have to send the history of the car in Egypt. However, after I send it, they said, you can contact company by yourself. I have sent a lot of e-mails to the company in France with no even a single answer!!!
Thank you
Professor Dr. Ayman Gaafar

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citroen - incompetent

lie about everything. They currently hold my money for spare parts they made me buy which was not required. When car went it - money left in car disapperaed. Not able to fault find...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.


kindly not that i bought new c4 from egypt on april 2007 and after one month there was a problem in oil level
so i went to your egent in egypt (ezz el arab) and they told me there is nothing appear the threre is a problem on oil so i put 1 kilo oil . and after 2 monthes the problem they told me that the oil mobile 1 Evaporate, so i have to use total oil, so i do ..after 2 monthes the same proble happened, so i went again and again to ezz el arab and same answer your car is perfect and there is no proble except that the oil Evaporate.

so i beleive there solution and every month i put 1 kilo oil .

now and after 16 monthes the disaster happened
they told me that inside my engine the 2 valve was broken and Cylinderwas destroyed .so i have to pay a larg amount to fix Bad workmanship
this is your reputation citroen ??????

i was one of the fan of this car and your company but now im disappointment .

u must know that this

I agree with u .. :S

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citroen - Hidden Costs on Diesel cars

Citroen are selling some of their diesel cars that are manufactured to include a FAP exhaust filter system.
Cars with this system will give approx 10% less MPG especially when used on shorter journeys. Worse still is that when the car reaches a certain milage, Citroen will charge you up to £700 to have this system serviced. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
Before buying, new or used, always check that your intended purchase does not have a FAP filter fitted.