Macy's/Origins Counter / denied check?

Fashion Square Mall, Orlando, FL, US

So I go into our local Macy's Department Store yesterday to pay my husband's credit card statement. All of that went fine at least for the moment. Had to get skin care products for myself, so I hit the Origins counter. Was sold on a total of approximately $230.00 worth of products. I decided to go ahead and write a check on my personal checking account (the account is fairly new and my debit card hasn't arrived yet or obviously I would have used the debit card). Long and short of it, the consultant rang up my purchases, scanned my check but my check was denied. So I called my bank, they verified that I had WAY enough to cover the check and suggested that I call Telecheck which I did. Telecheck stated that I was good to go and that there wasn't anything on their end that would prevent the check to not go through and that it must be a system problem on Macy's end. I ended up leaving without the products (consultant suggested that I go to my bank and withdraw the funds...not why should I) pissed off. Not once was a Manager called to the floor to correct this. All of this made me late getting back to my own business missing a very important meeting. Once back to my business and my husband checked his Macy's account he noticed that his line of credit on his card had been lowered and also that his percentage rate had increased. I am not certain on the amounts of the decrease in credit line not the increase in the percentage rate. Nevertheless what a rip off. I am uncertain what he will do but I highly suggested to him that he cancels his card (he has been a cardholder with Macy's for a bazillion years). Also when I got back to my office I called their Administrative office at Fashion Square to speak to a Manager about this and how this could have happened. I had to leave a message. I never received a call back. I called several times after that as well hoping that I would catch someone there. Always went to voice mail so I gave up. I know for myself that I will not be back there and will never spend any of my hard earned dollars there. It ended up that another Origins counter got my business and just for the record I spent more (purchased several more products on top of what the consultant at Macy's recommended) at the other location while I was there and my check went through fine through their scanner. So take that Macy's!


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