Lulu Hypermarket Juffair Bahrain / false accusations of security staff members

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Don't go to the lulu hypermarket juffair in bahrain.
The security staff members are always accusing customers from theft without having any evidence or proof.
Practically this pakistani security supervisor name:shafiq ali. One of the racist supervisors as anyone can be, judging, accusing customers on nationality, colour and dressing code. Just unbelievable someone like that can work over-there.
But then again all staff members at lulu hypermarket in juffair mall bahrain are lousy staff members like christoffer.
They have accused my daughter without any evidence and proof of theft 2 months ago, while on the camera. Cctv wasn't anything clear proven and they refused to put the image still even. Then the worse part, they forced me, actually forced me to write in an statement what they were dictating what to write down and not! Out of moral I couldn't write it what they were demanding, but they endangered that they would call the police and would press charges against me and my daughter if I refused to write as they have forced me to. The whole entire staff members as well as the security members are not polite, rude, untrained, not qualified for lulu. Lulu hypermarket is a scam cheating store with cheating staff members and lousy security. All of them.

May 1, 2017

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