Lufthansadishonesty and bad service

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For one month--having been a Senator Member for the past decade---I have been trying to book airline tickets using my Star Alliance (Lufthansa) airmiles, which are upwards towards a million. I have never been treated so badly by an airline. Despite there being availability on their website for the award flights I am trying to book. When I use the Miles and More miles redemption page of their website, I am not able to book the flights and I am told to call the Miles and More office. I have called eight times, faxed twice, emailed once and they have failed to book the ticket for me, after promising to do so. They have also several times not even responded to or returned my calls or faxes after expressly promising to do so.

I am on the verge of instructing the international body I direct not to use any Star Alliance carriers in the future for any of the hundreds of flights we book each year.

I have never seen so many dishonest representations and such disrespect for customers by any other airline in Europe. I am also raising this with the consumer protection mechanisms of the EU in the hope that it will cause action to be taken against Lufthansa because their management seems incapable of remedying their problem of bad service to frequent flyers that has been ongoing for years.


  • K
      Aug 24, 2010

    This is the most horrible raciest company I have ever flew with before. Lost luggage for 8 days and when I ask about my luggage at frunkfurt after 8 days upon my trip return and still no information. I just walked downstairs to the lost and found warehouse and found my bags. What a major dissconnect computer upstairs and few steps down to inventory what is in the warehouse. I was also surrprised by how huge is the inventory of lost bags has aged there from older dates. me personally deceided never to fly lufthansa again even if it is free tickets because. I filed my claim and complain and 10 days now and now body contacted me. My advice for you is the same to find you better managed and more reliable airlines

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  • A
      Oct 17, 2010

    They take your money as quick as they can then when they screw up, their is nothing they can do...what a suprise. Lufthansa employees verbaly abused me (Mr Dinesh Mathur @ Delhi international airport and they dont do anything. please do not fly Lufthansa, u will regret it.

    Subject: RFL116499-501/ Arora 220 [protected] & 252 & 244 Information from Lufthansa German Airlines Refund Department Canada / USA
    Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 17:09:46 +0200
    From: nycrefunds.[protected]

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      May 03, 2013

    lufthansa are thieves they let me buy a ticket and at the same time they show you can change your ticket for €30 and when I am at Egypt I change my mind and I asked for a rebook they refuse to help me and at the same time I don't know how they change my ticket to non-changeable ticket and The customer services didn't care of there customers I recommend you to choose different flight otherwise you won't get any help from them or they will say to you something but at the end you won't get it.

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  • M
      Aug 28, 2014

    The most dishonest airline I know is LUFTHANSA
    They are very bad to their customers, they lied to them,
    and if anyone would like to join me to complain to the press, have a big story to share about their dangerous bad service.

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  • M
      Aug 28, 2014

    Also will get all bad press about them and contact all the press about them. They do not deserve better since they are getting our money and playing bad games with us!

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  • M
      May 30, 2017

    I have been stolen by the cabin crew!!
    He found my bag open in the overhead compartment and i was sitting on window seat so I asked the guy to give me the bag.
    He hide my wallet inside the compartment and I didnt realize untill i took my connecting flight to barcelona.
    I filed a complaint but they simply said they don't cover any loss inside plane. They stole all my papers, visas in addition to 1200 euro!!!

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