Lowes / empty fire extinguishers!

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I live in a high fire danger area. I now regularly check my smoke detector & fire extinguishers. I discovered that I needed a new fire extinguisher for the kitchen. I went to Lowes (Do It Yourself Retail Store) to purchase a new fire extinguisher. When I went there, I was shocked as to what I found. Out of 16 fire extinguishers that were on the shelf, only 3 were charged. 4 were borderline empty, with the remainder of 9 totally empty. I called the manager, who said he would do something about it.

This being too big of an issue just to let go, I went to the fire department to file a complaint. The fire department said the fire marshall has no jurisdiction over the life saving devices being sold. I said, "What...". Imagine a senior citizen purchasing one of the empty ones. Then having a kitchen fire, wow.

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  • Sp
      Mar 27, 2008

    Fire extinguishers can leak overtime and even when they indicate they are full, still may fail to discharge if needed. Fire extinguishers have a shelf life. Lowe's can be blamed for not inspecting a perishable product that may have come to them in that condition but the real blame may lie with either the manufacturer or who ever transported the fire extinguishers from factory to retail outlet.

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  • Ro
      Jul 29, 2008

    When talking with a Lowe's and depot store my understanding was that the manufacture had massive leaks which is why my unit was empty and teh shelves were bare. I never heard and comunication to consumers about this problem.236df

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  • Ri
      Jan 30, 2010

    Caveat emptor. Damn right he doesn't have jurisdiction over a shop shelf.

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